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Slow Motion Conversation

We’ve been busy in Star Studio during Andy Warhol Enterprises…then again, it might be more accurate to say that our visitors have been busy. Star Studio is a space designed to encourage visitors of all ages  to participate in hands-on exploration of works of art on display at the IMA.  Star Studio projects encourage visitors to think about art by making art of their own, by creating in dialogue with the work on display.  Andy Warhol Enterprises has definitely sparked quite a few of those creative conversations in Star Studio.  We’ve divided the activities in Star between making art and writing about the intersection between art and commerce.

Visitors who are willing to leave with a little crayon under their fingernails can make a series of rubbings inspired by Warhol’s silkscreen prints.  The images for the rubbing plates come from one of Warhol’s favorite subjects – the one dollar bill.  We select a few of each day’s rubbings to add to our wall of visitor created artwork.  Visitors who want to try their hands at another way of transforming everyday images into artwork can trace projected clippings from newspaper ads.

It seems like most people have something to say about Andy Warhol, and about what role money and self-promotion ought to play in the life of an artist.  We’ve printed a series of questions suggested by the exhibition on “dollar bills,” where visitors can write a response (and sometimes pose a question of their own).  We’re posting those responses in Star Studio, and creating a kind of slow motion conversation about the intersection of art and business.  If you are in the area before Andy Warhol Enterprises closes on January 2nd,  (and if you haven’t  seen the show, you really should add a trip to the IMA to your holiday to-do list) stop by Star Studio, and add your voice to the conversation.

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    This coming year we are working on bridging the gap between our gallery and our studio in much the same way.

    I think hands-on is the best way to give the experience that sparks interest in the arts.

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    Jenny Says:

    I loved the Andy Warhol Enterprises exhibition. I’ve always been a massive fan of him and his work and this exhibit was like a religious experience for me. Visiting the Star Studio afterwards was equally as entertaining. I’m so glad I went!

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