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ArtBabble in 2011

A lot of things have happened since ArtBabble was born (launched) in April of 2009. I can’t believe it has been close to 2 years! There are two main things that have improved drastically since we launched: content and technology. To the future…

You're looking at the future of ArtBabble.

About the content:

We launched in ’09 with 6 content partners- which was no small feat. But now we have 28 partners! This is THE driving force behind the website’s success- fresh material all the time, from around the globe. So, while having so much more content is a great problem to have, it’s a problem that needs to be solved. The videos have been bubbling onto the site at a rapid pace, leading to a confusing navigation and interface experience. You heard it here first, watch out for a new design in 2011! And let’s face it, the user interface could use a graphic refreshment at this point as well. I’m excited to get the new stuff we are working on out there. Stay tuned!!

About the technology.

The biggest thing that has changed in the past year or so is the release and adoption of HTML5 on web browsers, and smart phones. Equally as important was Apple’s choice to not include Flash on the iPhone (a decision I fully support). Problem is, we use Flash to deliver the video currently. This won’t be the case for too much longer! By converting our video player over to HTML5, we will be making the content a lot more accessible for loads of smart phone and iPad users. Currently, there is not way to stream videos onto a smart phone, so this will be a great new transition.

Oh, and then there are some new, top secret educational features we are working on that will dramatically change the way educators and students can consume all of the great content our partners have been so hard at work creating. But more on that later… :)

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3 Responses to “ArtBabble in 2011”

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    And please be sure you’ve got a mechanism that properly embeds inside Google Reader.

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    Matt Says:

    Aaron, great point. Sure to be on the list of fixes now. On that note, if there is anything else you have been dying for us to fix or add now would be a great time to let us know… just comment here!

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    Thanks. It’s not your fault. Pretty much any player you host yourself won’t work with GR. Other than YouTube, Vimeo, and Viddler, I don’t know what works in GR. A number of sites I know like Streetfims switched from flowplayer to Vimeo just because this very issue.

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