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When I moved home from college, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to start my career, Indianapolis did not have much to offer me in the way of fashion design work. I interviewed at all of the three places in town and finally got a position as a Production Designer for a company working on sports licensed apparel. While I can’t complain because this job ultimately led me to museums and the IMA, I was forced to admit there was a dearth of style in my beloved Circle City. I thought this was something I was just going to have to deal with.

Fast forward four years, (five? I can’t keep track,) and a legitimate scene has developed in Indianapolis. Maybe it’s the hubbub surrounding the Big Game (you know the one), but things are abuzz.

First, there were a few blogs I started to see references to everywhere. I can’t decide if they were simply made more visible to me by social media, but all of a sudden, stylists, photographers, make up artists, dealers, and aficionados started coming out of the woodwork.

Fountain Square and beyond flowered with new, fantastic vintage/local shops like IndySwank, Homespun and Harloh’s. Indy’s own beauty blog, PrettyIndy started – another facet of  a good general style scene.

Then, this past year, the Indianapolis Fashion Collective was founded, to “unite, empower, showcase, and grow the Indianapolis area fashion industry through collaboration, education, and awareness.” I saw recently that they have started a discussion about shared studio space for local designers, a great resource when trying to get a small business off the ground and your basement isn’t cutting it.

Then, at a recent Indy fashion meetup, I heard about Midwest Fashion Week (how have I missed this?) and learned an international style maven moved to Bloomington. We even have a brand new street style blog. It was fun to meet local enthusiasts, designers, stylists and editors all working towards the same passion: advancing Indianapolis’s position on the fashion map.

Now, with intrepid curators Niloo Imami-Paydar and Petra Slinkard at the helm, the IMA has joined the chorus with the Fashion Arts Society, a group for true lovers of Fashion as high art.

Everyone came out for one of the falls most exciting events, the Project IMA Fashion Unbound Runway Show, and stayed to people watch at the Behind the Seams after party, sponsored by FAS.

If you love fashion as I do, consider finding a way to get involved. Join FAS, or the Fashion Collective, or submit to the Midwest Fashion week. It’s the involvement of many individuals that make it something we all want to be a part of. I’ll see you all for the opening of Material World!

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