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Closed Wednesday

“In America the ice-storm is an event. And it is not an event which one is careless about. When it comes, the news flies from room to room in the house, there are bangings on the doors, and shoutings, “The ice-storm! the ice-storm!” and even the laziest sleepers throw off the covers and join the rush for the windows.” – Mark Twain, “Following the Equator”

Listening to the pitter patter of ice on the windows, we just got word that the IMA will be closed again on Wednesday. What about you – are you hunkering down at home or braving the elements?  We’ve started a Flickr group called “Through your Lens” and want to see your photos of the storm, whether it be your backyard, a decimated shelf at a grocery store (here’s a pretty hilarious – and revealing – post from a St. Louis store), or your cozy indoors.   And we might, just might, post a few of our favorites on the blog.  Here’s one courtesy of IMA staffer Emily:

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