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Guess the Name of the Film Game – Round Three

It’s Round Three of Guess the Name of the Film Game! Congratulations to our first two winners Paul & Kyle for correctly guessing the first two films playing in 2011’s Summer Nights Film Series. For those just joining the fun, we’re challenging your film knowledge and asking you to guess film titles based on clues from the IMA’s permanent collection. On Monday, we learned the first film of the series, playing June 3, will be the 1981 biopic, Mommie Dearest. Yesterday’s film, playing June 10, is Blue Hawaii.

Here are your clues for film three (we’re upping the challenge a bit here)…

FILM THREE (playing June 17): The third film of series is two words. Based on clues from the works of art below, Guess the Name of this film. (Hint: click on the image for additional clues such as artist, title of piece, etc.)

TITLE CLUEFranco Moschino, Purse ‘Sand Pail’, 1990s.

Ronald B. Kitaj, Lou Gehrig, Pride of the Yankees, 1970.

Artist Unknown, Dying Beast, 1993.

Comment below with the name of this film and the first correct answer wins two free tickets to any Summer Nights film. The answer will be given tomorrow morning – so keep those guess coming!

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