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Perennial Premiere Plant Pairings

Super busy week ending with preparation for out big event – Perennial Premiere!  The result? Not much blog time. So instead of shooting a bunch of verbiage at you, I’m dropping some photos of what will be available starting tomorrow. Remember, members get exclusive access to the plants for two HOURS before the general public ( 9 – 11 am Saturday morning).  The plants look absolutely super this year. In addition to the usual helpful Greenhouse staff, all the Horticulturists will be on hand to help you with your selections this weekend. After you are done shopping, take a stroll to enjoy the season’s flowering trees – magnolia, amelanchier, and redbud.

Yellow and blue always look good together in the garden. Here we have Iris pallida with a beautiful columbine.

White and blue look good too, this time Brunnera and Tiarella (false forget-me-not and foamflower).

The Tiarella is lovely on its own.

One of the best groundcover type perennials, Epimedium x versicolor “Sulphureum” (barrenwort).

Though they are in nearly every shade garden I still love hostas. Look of the variety of colors, growth habits, and sizes.

Gallium odoratum (sweet woodruff) a charming woodland plant.

Hellebores (Lenten rose) and Heucheras (coralbell) are two of the toughest perennials. These are Hellebore “Red Lady” and Heuchera “Frosted Violet” but we will have lots of varieties of both these species.

One of my favorite heucheras is “Caramel.” I love the coppery buff color of the leaves. Here it is with our native columbine.

And here it is with the columbine and an orange Primula (primrose).

I wish I had time to show you some more but I gotta get back to setting up for this weekend. See you in the sales yard.

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