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La Mia Casa e La Tua Casa

The lamp was rubbed, Genie popped out, my parents were given three wishes, and they asked for a child who, one day, would teach.  Fast forward thirty years.  I am an Arts Educator currently involved with the Perspectives Program.  And frankly…I Robert Indiana L-O-V-E it!

Robert Indiana, "Love," 1970.

The Perspectives After School Program offers students in Elementary, Middle and High School the opportunity to explore, imagine and create.  With a focus on art and language, students participate in a variety of writing exercises, presentation, art design and construction.

My students attend neighboring Elementary School #43.  Our teaching trio is made up of local artist Paula Scott-Frantz, elementary teacher Chanté Campbell, and me.  On Tuesdays we write.  On Thursdays we build.  And in between, I gush like a proud little Italian mamma.  Don’t be surprised if you see me rolling a flat of refrigerators through the lobby.  Look out William Lamson, I need to display my kids’ work.

William Lamson, "Divining Meterology," 2011.

Noah, engineering genius, built the first man-made habitat, a yacht complete with luxury accommodations for his extended family and all of the world’s animals to travel on during the “Great Flood.” This semester, the students, now appropriately titled, “Project Managers for Art, Nature and Design”, completed their first challenge.  We asked our young PMs to build a man-made habitat for birds, using natural materials: alpaca wool, rocks, and sticks.

Our pods, now installed in 100 Acres, are located just outside of the Visitor Pavilion for our bird watching fanatics.  Over the course of the semester, these mini PMs will continue to photograph their aviary habitats to track and evaluate changes made to the original design.  Our next challenge is map making.  Sorry to be so vague, but hook, line and sinker.


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