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The Face of “Gloria”

Our guest blogger today is Kathleen Stocker, an amateur photographer whose image was chosen to represent the exhibition "Gloria" at the Venice Biennale.

I’m just an average person wandering around with a camera, definitely not a professional, but have had the good fortune to have some of my photos published here and there in the past. There’s always that little thrill when the inbox opens and I see, “We’d like permission to use your photo…” The request that came from the IMA, however, quite exceeded any other use my photos have seen.

I remember reading “Venice” in the email and thinking “California,” even though the message made it clear it was an international exhibition. From then on it’s been a kind of escalating realization of the audience this image would receive: I followed the link to the exhibition and finally understood the honor that was given me. Next, a week or so ago the New York Times ran an extensive article about Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla whose work, of course, is America’s offering in Venice, and I was again taken aback, almost looking behind me, to be sure it was my photo that was being requested and not someone else’s. Then I was sent the link to the publicity banner (this after a couple of weeks of thinking that surely they would change their minds and say “thanks anyway…”) and that was such a thrill, one of those that makes the heart go a little faster. Pretty heady stuff. I’m so grateful for this exposure and to the IMA for stumbling across my work online. Many thanks to all of you involved in this exhibition!

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