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“Indianapolis Island” 2011

The IMA has selected Katherine Ball to be the summer 2011 resident of Andrea Zittel’s Indianapolis Island, an inhabitable installation in 100 Acres. Throughout her residency–which will take place between August 9th and September 22nd – Ball will engage Indianapolis Island, the surrounding 35-acre lake, and visitors to the Park through public programs and ecological interventions.

Ball’s project will center on the improvement of the lake’s water quality through the implementation of mycofilters, a water purification system consisting of hemp tubes, wood chips, and mushroom mycelium. Visitors will be welcomed to Indianapolis Island at regularly scheduled times to have afternoon tea with Ball and observe her initiatives more closely. Ball will communicate her findings through a series of drawings and ongoing blog posts, as well as through close interaction with Park visitors during activities such as weekly nature walks and yoga sessions. Stay tuned for more details about how to become involved with Katherine’s residency—further details will be posted on this site as the residency draws closer.

Ball’s artistic practice is founded on a hands-on approach to environmental activism and social engagement.

In 2010, Ball filmed a documentary (to be released this winter) about small-scale, yet effective, solutions to climate change as she bicycled with a small group from Oregon to Washington, D.C., where they met with legislators and shared their findings. Afterward, Ball traveled to Cancun, Mexico, to participate in the United Nations Climate Change Conference. From 2009–10 Ball co-directed SEA Change Gallery in Portland, Oregon, which developed exhibitions and activities to encourage social and environmental equality. Ball is currently enrolled in Portland State University’s Art + Social Practice MFA program and participated in an exchange at the School of Walls and Space in Copenhagen this past spring.

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    annie Says:

    the author or the island resident?

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    Katherine, your island life work helped Indianapolis become a better city to live in. What a paradox for island living! Contemplative time was well connected to energy output and the shoreland benefited. I was so grateful for our lake’s edge yoga and poetry gathering. It helped bring closure to your stay with us. There truly was a “bene…diction” quality to it. Thanks for all that you conceived and brought forth to Indianapolis. May our awareness of the possibilities of greater connections deepen as the miles separate, yet undaunted by the apparent space in between, as you manifested so beautifully from the island to the shore.

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