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Summer’s Almost Gone – Maybe

Wow. The end of another month. And quite a change from the end of last month. At long last some rain has fallen. The plants are certainly relishing this new found moisture.

My tropicals at home are probably not thrilled with the cooler temperatures, but must be beside themselves with joy at not relying on me for water. I tended to be a bit stingy with it. As you may remember, about two minutes after watering plants the soil seemed as dry as before. It got to be quite a chore. And I’ve been fearing the monthly water bill ever since the drought started in earnest. Here at the IMA it was much easier to keep things hydrated, but to this day I confess there seems to be something different when the water comes from the clouds rather than the hoses.

Fall color is starting to kick in. At first glance it kinda surprises me. Then I remember tomorrow is October. I think it was so damn hot for so damn long that it’s still a little hard to believe change is possible. These ash in the main parking lot really caught my eye this week.

I don’t remember them in this completely red phase in past years. That does not in any way mean they have not done it every year. I just don’t remember if they have. Yea, they’ll probably succumb to the borers eventually.

I love unexpected surprises…… duh, like a surprise should be expected. Anyway, when I was walking about I found these Liatris in the Overlook. They have superb fall color, especially for a perennial.

They were providing a color echo for nearby oak leaf hydrangeas.

And of course there are the fall blooming perennials as well.

Not that either the plants or I have given up on summer. There is still tropical splendor and color all over the gardens.





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2 Responses to “Summer’s Almost Gone – Maybe”

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    Paul Says:

    Good eye, mister. I especially like the Liatris backed by the Alocasia (or Colocasia? I really DO wish they’d lump those).

    And that Chelone ‘Hot Lips’ is one of the larger plantings I’ve seen. Why don’t folks use that more? Their loss.

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    irvin Says:

    I liked that combo too that Katie put together. Very nice textural contrast. And yes, ‘Hot Lips’. I guess folks are still discovering it. Don’t know why but seems especially nice this year. Patch in the SWBG look practically like a sheared hedge in bloom!

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