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Tango Tangerine

Well, by now it is hardly a secret that the Pantone Color of the Year is Tango Tangerine.

courtesy of Pantone.

It is a deep shade of orange but here’s a more detailed description.

Yes, tango and tangerine all in one color.

The tango – filled with sensuality, barely repressed animal sexuality and total control of staccato yet fluid movement.

Tangerine – filled with aromatic oils, sticky sweet yet tart juice, and so round and firm in the hand.

What a combination!

I’m a big fan of orange and the many shades of orange. Here are a few things I found about my house last night.

This does not include clothing, my yoga mat, or my fabulous piece of carry-on luggage.

In my designs, orange has played a role for years. I was unaware of people’s resistance to orange when I started using it. A good many have come around to my point of view. In truth, it goes with about any other color. You do have to watch with lavender (BIG mistake as a rule). And you must choose your pinks carefully. But a hot pink with a hot orange is, well…… HOT. And the right magenta with the right orange is true paradise.

We have several perennials to choose from for orange. So many new Echinaceas I lose track at times.

‘Tiki Torch’ from Terra Nova has been a favorite since I grew it a few years back. I know they have newer ones but the color on this one is so good.

Photo(s) courtesy of Terra Nova® Nurseries, Inc.

Of course their ‘Tangerine Dream’ looks good too.

Photo(s) courtesy of Terra Nova® Nurseries, Inc.

‘Hot Papaya’ is a favorite for certain. Plants Nouveau has introduced many great double echinaceas.

Photo courtesy of Plants Nouveau.

They also have ‘Marmalade.’ Love this one too.

Photo courtesy of Plants Nouveau.

Big SkyTM Sundown (‘Evan Saul’) from Itsaul Plants has been reliable workhorse  for us for years. Saul’s were some of the very first with good Echinaceas in the new colors.

Photo courtesy of ItSaul Plants.

Geums are coming on strong these days with many new colors but my favorite is still the oranges. ‘Fireball,’ also from Terra Nova, has been great in my garden at home.

Photo(s) courtesy of Terra Nova® Nurseries, Inc.

Of course in annuals and tropicals we have always had a large selection to choose from. Remember marigolds, nasturtiums and zinnias? You can still find heirloom cultivars of these at the same time new varieties are coming on the market every year. And let’s not forget cockscomb.

I remain in full love-lust with the plumed variety ‘Fresh Look Orange.’

This has stayed in my top list since it was introduced several years ago. It blooms like crazy, gives great color and texture in the garden, and makes a superb cut flower.

Lantana is a blooming machine in many shades of orange from the nearly red ‘Dallas Red’ to the multi-colored ‘Miss Huff.’ Of course there is ‘Radiation’ (think that one is bright?), ‘Landmark Citrus’, and ‘Tangerine’ (not my first choice but willing to try again). I love the fact ‘Miss Huff’ can reach 4-5 feet tall in a season here in Indiana. I get tired of small plants.

Most of my favorite cannas have orange flowers too – ‘Pretoria,’ Tropicana,’ and ‘Orange Punch.’

‘Orange Sparkler’ is a new one with a lot of potential as well.

Photo courtesy of Plants Nouveau.

It was bred by Brian Williams from down in Louisville and also being marketed by Plants Nouveau.

Orange is not restricted to summer color.

There are early spring pansies.

photo courtesy of BallHort.

Fall foliage is certainly always considered in selecting woody plants (Fothergilla).

And let’s not forget the winter blooming witchhazels (‘Jelena’).

Just because ‘Tango Tangerine’ is the official color of the year, remember you don’t have to use just that shade of orange. There are a lot of crayons in the box.

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5 Responses to “Tango Tangerine”

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    Donna G Says:

    Irvine, you’d be happy to know in my very first house MANY yrs ago I put red orange (much like tangerine tango) countertops in the kitchen. I loved them & never tired of them. In fact when we put the house on the market later they didn’t hurt the sale one bit. The realtors & prospective buyers seemed to love them too.

  • avatar
    irvin Says:

    Now that souunds like nice really bright kitchen, Donna. I bet it was smashing!

  • avatar
    kimann Says:

    ode to orange, ditto! pumpkins are my orange inspiration, from my staub cast-iron dutch oven (w bright gold stem) to my dark pumpkin chiffon kitchen and dining room walls. 50’s barkcloth curtains in dining rm also feature touches of marigold to deep orange, along w black and various greens. i adore the retro contrast of orange to its funky green-color opposites, my granny smith apple cookie jar standing in perfect contrast.

  • avatar
    kimann Says:

    ps: orange > blue being the official color opposite, yes, can i get away w considering a deeper orange-towards-red as opposed to at least a few types of green 😉 ?

  • avatar
    Anonymous Says:

    Don’t worry about “official” color opposites. Do what makes your heart happy.

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