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Photo Policy Turns One

There are two important first birthdays this spring – my son, Theo, and the IMA Photo Policy. As the “mother” of both, I take a lot of pride in their reaching this milestone, but as any good parent would say: “I don’t have a favorite; I love them both equally.” That said, I do have to say Theo is cuter than the Photo Policy.

As a birthday present to IMA photographers, we are giving those of you purchasing a one year pass the gift of FREE parking! Did you say FREE??? Why, yes, yes I did!!

We know that the first year had a few bumps and bruises along the way, so, we’ve listened to your feedback and are making changes that we hope will make the second year run smoothly. Many photographers noted how inexpensive the one year rate was and that they would be willing to pay a higher rate for the opportunity to use the lovely backdrop of the IMA. Crazy talk, I know, but in comparison to many other locations across Indianapolis and the country, $250 for the entire year, with virtually no restrictions on when or how many times you could be here, was a steal. A number of photographers also expressed concern when paid parking was announced this past fall that you would have to pay not only for your photo pass, but also pay to park every time you had a shoot here. With both of these points in mind, the one year fee has been increased but will have the added benefit of FREE parking.

A few highlights and things to keep in mind about the Photo Policy:

  • One Year Photography Pass rate is increasing to $400.
  • The pass will still cover two named photographers from a single company.
  • Each additional photographer will still cost $100 to add.
  • Badges will be changing to include a head shot of the pass holder.
  • FREE PARKING: With the rate increase to $400, one year pass holders’ badges will now include a barcode that permits them to park for free in the pay lots. Your clients arriving in separate vehicles will still have to pay for parking, unless they are a member of the Museum or are utilizing one of the over 170 free parking spots at the Museum.
  • One Day Photography Passes will remain at the rate of $50 per day.

As always, please feel free to contact the Rights and Reproductions Department if you have any questions, concerns, or would like to send a birthday present to the Photo Policy (it particularly likes chocolate).

Happy First Birthday to the Photo Policy (and Theo)!

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6 Responses to “Photo Policy Turns One”

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    Chris Says:

    I was sad to see this policy go into effect last year, but I was willing to pay the fee because I have many clients that want their portraits taken at your beautiful facility. However with this news and this increase I am not just sad but angry that this is happening.

    I have a studio with 3 additional photographers and it would cost me $700 to allow us to take our clients and have sessions there. This is not cost effective for my business nor for our clients.

    The only thing that this does is allow those “high-priced exclusive” photographers the ability to give clients what the newer and value-minded photographers can’t. So in reality this is hurting our business by preventing us from using a location that is in demand.

    I have continually praised the IMA for the beauty and accessibility and introduced many many people to the facility. It is, in a way, free advertising for the IMA. I will no longer do this and will be removing the IMA from location list.

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    John Says:

    I agree with Chris. Sadly IMA comes off our list as well. Here is hoping that the fee comes back down to earth for the lessons learned in year two.

    This seems to be the concensus with those I am collaborating within the Indy photography scene. IMA will be a miss this year. Thankfully Indianapolis is awash with other beatiful locations such as Holliday Park, the Art Center, the Canal Walk, Butler, etc. We are publishing a book soon for photographers with these and other locations!

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    Anne Young Says:

    Dear Chris and John,

    Thank you for your responses to the changes to the Photo Policy. We are sad to see you decide to not use the IMA any more when there has only been the one change to our policy. Chris, you noted in your example that it would now cost your entire company $700 for the year, which for this past year it would have cost $550 for your company. While I know this is an increase, it is only an increase of $150 for the entire year – the equivalent of 3 single day passes.

    It is our hope that you still chose to utilize the $50 single day pass option, which has not changed at all. Additionally, there are still over 170 parking spots on the IMA campus that are not part of the paid lots.

    John, you noted you hope that the fee comes back down after lessons learned in year two. While I cannot foretell the future of the policy or its fees, please know that we value all feedback and use these experiences to inform our decisions.

    Again, thank you for your comments!

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    Margaret Says:

    A higher fee is a good thing and I applaud it! This allows professional creative use by only the most serious, talented and committed as well as commercially successful. As mentioned by the other commenter there are plenty of no-cost options where the others can take their regular clients. IMA is a professional for-profit business concern and in these hard economic times, has every right to creatively bring in additional funds anyway they see fit. The ‘free-art-scene’ is Broad Ripple and the like. When those who cannot afford higher fees have sufficiently advanced in their trade elsewhere, they can come (back) to IMA. A less visited facility is more of a welcome change for me as it will allow me more open space in which to photograph my select clientele without having to compete with newbies and those just starting out. One day they too will arrive and understand. It may take a while as I am sure the fee, like everything thing else, will keep going up. I am for it. Thank you for clearing the path!

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    Lisa Says:

    10/22/2012: Ten months ago, i booked a high school senior photo shoot (for my daughter) with a wonderful photographer for a recent Saturday this month at the IMA. On that date, our photographer contacted IMA to confirm our arrival and was told there was a big wedding and we would need to steer clear of this “private event”. We had looked so forward to having pictures taken at this beautiful location, so we proceeded, being careful not to disturb “the wedding”, although there were no wedding guests around (only tables set up) while we were there. We were not allowed to park in the usual location, so we walked a mile to get near the Lilly House. Our photographer took some photos near the House and we were suddenly “stormed upon” so rudely by a man who told us “this is a private event! no photos!” Our photographer told him she had a pass, would be careful not to disturb. he responded, “are you with the press?!” She assured him she wasn’t, that she had a pass but would steer clear, and we quickly proceeded. We were stared at. we were later approached by an IMA employee who reminded us they were having a “private event”. After seeing our photographer’s pass, she apologized and just asked that we would go to another area of the grounds, which we did. I was disgusted by the rudeness of the man who first approached us. Our photographer has held a photo pass with IMA for several years. I felt bad for her – to be approached that way in front of her clients. i felt bad for my daughter who had waited 18 years for a special “senior picture” photo shoot. Although the wedding was very elaborate, ours was also a “one-time event”. We did miss getting more pictures at the Lily House; the “miscommunication” cost us a little more “daylight”. But our photographer responded in kind and went on. i understand a senior picture shoot can’t be equally compared to an elaborate wedding (i’m sure IMA rec’d much more money from the wedding than our shoot), but what a shame to treat any “customer” this way.

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    Anne Young Says:

    Dear Lisa,

    Thank you for your comment regarding your recent experience on the IMA’s grounds, and my apologies for the delay in my responding to you. I know the event that was going on that day and can at least tell you that as far as weddings that occur on our grounds that was one that was above and beyond the “normal” realm of what we experience. The first person you encountered was with the wedding group and not part of IMA staff (whether permanent or temporarily brought in for the event). Now, all of that said, and I hope you do understand, that we/I have no control over outside people’s interactions with photographers on our grounds. The young woman who approached your group the second time was the true reflection of how IMA staff have been asked to interact with photographers on the grounds if they are in an area where an event is or soon will soon be occurring. My guess is that the man who addressed you first assumed you were press/paparazzi and was trying to get you out of there and wasn’t going to listen to you no matter what.

    I have also been in contact with your photographer from that day, and I am at least glad to hear that you did still have a good experience at 100 Acres. If I had even been remotely aware of the level/extremes of the wedding that was taking place that day, I would have advised your photographer for a different day, time, and/or location. Please do not let this bad experience act as your reflection/feelings towards the photographer you hired in the future. She has been one of our regular photographers on the grounds, who has been a true pleasure to work with.

    Again, my apologies for the experience you had that day, and please let me know what I can do to better facilitate your future photographic experiences at the IMA.

    With best regards,

    Anne M. Young
    Manager of Rights and Reproductions

    Indianapolis Museum of Art
    4000 Michigan Road
    Indianapolis, IN 46208-3326
    T 317-923-1331 x171 F 317-920-0399

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