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Time’s a Wastin’

Gonna make this a quick one. Time’s a wastin’ and I ain’t got time to waste. I don’t remember if March came in like a lion or a lamb but I do know it has turned into a runaway train fueled by 80 degree temperatures. It’s ridiculously beautiful but equally ridiculously not right. I worry (of course I worry, what else do I have to do?) that the woody plants will start leafing out then in April we’ll have a spell of winter weather. I try to just go with the flow and enjoy the sun and breeze and flowers but cannot completely shake that feeling of being set-up for a horticultural “gotcha!” I’m not concerned about the herbaceous stuff really, it’s the trees and shrubs I fear could be hurt.

And there’s a bit of me that looks around at all the tropicals in my office and thinks – the forecast looks mighty warm, maybe……… you know…… just maybe………. I could throw all of you outside and it would be alright. You would be happier and healthier. Maybe no more of you would die. And those damn fungus gnats would finally be gone!

But that would be ignoring all my experience and education in such matters. I’d be like those people – those people – that throw their houseplants out on the porch way too early. Except I have more than three plants. And it is pretty much eight weeks until our frost-free date.

So today is hurry and plant lettuce, beet, and Swiss chard seed because it is hotter than May and time is wastin’ to get things like that planted. Maybe not at home but we want the plants in the Cutting Garden and the Tanner Orchard looking super prime for National Public Gardens Day on May 11th. We’re going to give visitors some lettuce that day. Not a whole salad so don’t bring a fork with you.

I’m doing Henderson’s Black-seeded Simpson lettuce, Bull’s Blood beet, and both Flamingo Pink and Oriole Orange Swiss chard in the Cutting Garden. These are all from the great Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company.

They gave us seed to give away on National Public Gardens Day so I like them even more than I did already. Jonathon is doing a slightly different group of cultivars in the Orchard and I’m rushing here so not taking time to get the details from him. But there is absolutely no reason you cannot come out and visit and have a look yourself. You really want to see the Magnolias in bloom and all the daffodils anyway.

What’s that noise? Lands a mercy, it sounds like a runaway train.

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2 Responses to “Time’s a Wastin’”

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    Bonnie Says:

    “It’s ridiculously beautiful but equally ridiculously not right.” YES. I couldn’t agree more. I have taken my fern outside to sit on the porch, but I’ll bring it in overnight if it does turn cooler in the next few weeks. This warm weather is painful for me. It’s too wet to do any real work in the beds, but it feels like it’s time.

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    irvin Says:

    Bonnie, if I only had on eplant it would be out too! It’s the thought of dragging 50 back in that is keeping the temptation in check. Some of the semi-hardy are going out, tropicals that are zone 7-9 types. I figure better to risk frost than lose them in those final weeks of indoor living as they are growing already.

    Bet you can get in the beds now after that 80+ week-end.

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