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Down to Each Pore and Cell

Our guest blogger today is Michael Burke, co-founder of paperStrangers Performance Group.

Tawara Yūsaku, Untitled, (Ichi, 95), from Sora (Sky) series, 2001.

Inspired by the ink works of Japanese artist Tawara Yūsaku on view at IMA, I developed a performance piece called He She They (a duet).  It’s a physical exploration of the notion that the beauty of the whole is found in the appreciation of individual parts. The work of Tawara Yūsaka, while small on paper, packs a large impact when you notice that every mark on the page is a specific choice and each of these moments amounts to a greater purpose.

Each line and every dot vibrate in two dimensions, and it is this motion in the ink drawings that inspired He She They (a duet). We wanted to take Yūsaka’s reflection on the parts of whole from the page and transfer it to the human form, or translate it on to the body. This work examines two individuals coming together and offering each other their own pieces and parts – down to each pore and cell.

There will be multiple performances between 2 and 4 pm this Saturday, March 24.  You’re invited to follow the 10-minute performance as it progresses and unwinds through the galleries; be sure to stay to immerse yourself in this transfixing exhibition.

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