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A ROSE by Any Other Name

Heather (on the left) and Elizabeth (on the right) receiving their ROSE Award nominations.

We have a host of staff, volunteers and docents that make the museum a wonderful place to visit and the ROSE Award nominations are a way for us to acknowledge those contributions to the museum. Two of our very own were nominated to receive the ROSE Award. Heather Hudson and Elizabeth Battson received letters of acknowledgment from Mayor Ballard and took part in a reception for all honorees on March 28th at the Indiana Roof Ballroom.

The mission of the ROSE Awards is to honor non-managerial hospitality employees or volunteers who exemplify excellent customer service. These industry champions, through one-on-one or behind-the-scenes contact, positively influence a visitor’s experience in Indianapolis.

Once an employee of the IMA, Elizabeth enjoyed the visitors and serving our community so much that she returned after retirement to volunteer.  Over the years, Elizabeth has stuffed hundreds of membership envelopes and assembled thousands of complimentary exhibition tickets. She does this all with precision, care and a wonderful sense of humor.  We often find that we need to remind her to stand up and stretch!

Heather serves as the receptionist at the museum, and while in this role, she has developed a wonderful working knowledge of the IMA.  This allows her to be extremely helpful to callers and visitors in providing them with the information they seek. Heather handles a high volume of phone calls, at times up to 150 a day.

Let’s be sure to applaud both ladies on their recognition of excellence!

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