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Lettuce Give You a Prize

Today is National Public Gardens Day. As many of you know, this is the day we are giving visitors some lettuce for a salad or a BLT.

One of the reasons we are giving away food is because unlike a huge majority of public gardens, we cannot give free admission today. WE ARE FREE EVERYDAY! I strongly suggest you take advantage of that fact often.

Now it is true the lettuce is only available this afternoon between noon and 4. And it is true that only today is National Public Gardens Day. However, it is also true that if life prevents you from attending today’s activities you can still participate in another program presented by the folks behind National Public Gardens Day. And this program might garner you some cash money.

I’m just going to throw the entire email I received in here right now. Read on my blogosphere partners.


As National Public Gardens Day approaches many visitors will flock to their local gardens with families in tow and cameras in hand.  In an effort to garner more exposure of each participating garden, we are launching a photo contest for all to participate in.

We will be awarding cash prizes, annual membership to a local garden, free subscriptions to Better Home and Gardens, and will be featuring winning images on the National Public Gardens website.

We need your help to let visitors know about this contest.  The submission deadline is May 15th, 2012.   The specific details can be found here.

Sounds pretty sweet to me. And you get to visit a public garden – like ours at the IMA. So put down that BLT and grab your camera. Well for the love of Pete! Wipe the grease off your hands first. You wanna ruin the camera? I swear, some days you make me………

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