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Visitin’ the Relatives

Yesterday (Thursday the 24th) I attended the Region III meeting of the Garden Writers Association. It was, as usual, both informative and fun. We toured three gardens and had an educational session on how and why to blog presented by Indianapolis’ own Carol Michel of the award winning blog May Dreams Gardens.

The host institution was one of our sister public gardens, Taltree Arboretum and Gardens, near Valparaiso (Thank you, Jean Starr!). I’ve been aware of Taltree for years but never visited. It is beautiful with wooded sites, open prairie, and traditional planting beds. Well, they can explain it better than I can. This is from their website.

Taltree Arboretum & Gardens, located south of U.S. 30 between Merrillville and Valparaiso, Indiana, is a 360-acre reserve of formal gardens, woodlands, wetlands, and prairies. Whether hiking the 3+ miles of trails or attending an outdoor concert or special event, visitors have enjoyed Taltree’s quiet beauty interspersed with friendly festivity since 1999. Themed displays include the Hitz Family Rose Garden, Native Plant Garden, Oak Islands, and the Taltree Railway Garden.

Now, about that railway garden. For certain I am not one to overly appreciate train gardens. In fact, I will usually run right past them and go on to the “real” gardens. But I have to say the one at Taltree impressed me. It is both interesting and beautiful. Here are a few shots of it.

So don’t wait a decade like me. Go on up and see Taltree soon. It’s right near the Dunes so you could make a day of it.

Have a fun weekend and don’t forget to water those new plants.

We need some train songs.

Oooo. I love that song and Rosanne Cash, but that’s a little down. Let’s bring it back up. Look at them fancy scarves on them cowboys. Hmmmm…… which group is the Harvey Girls?



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2 Responses to “Visitin’ the Relatives”

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    Glad you enjoyed it Irvin. I noticed you didn’t bother getting any trains in your photos. They look like the shots I take, as to me, trains are secondary to the layout!

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    irvin Says:

    Jean, I did have a CLOSE-UP of a train and didn’t use it! But you are right, that layout catches my eye first and foremost.

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