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ArtBabble: Back and Bigger than Ever

Today is the big day – the day we relaunch ArtBabble to the world. After six months of surveying, planning and designing and one wild 24 hour #babblesprint, I couldn’t be happier to share the fruits of our labor with our loyal followers. I hope you love the changes as much as we do.

I am excited to announce that we are relaunching the new site with 54 partners and nearly double the number of videos. We have 16 new partners from around the world, including our first partners from Italy and three more university art museums, and about a thousand new videos, from both new and existing partners.

Here are some of the updates to ArtBabble:

We are debuting a fresh new brand to go with our new layout and navigation. Our new brand maintains some of the playful feeling but re-imagines ArtBabble a little sleeker and a lot more sophisticated. The black background optimizes video watching. Designer Rita Troyer will share specifics of the new look later this week.

Embedded Videos
We made the strategic decision to switch from hosting video to primarily embedding from YouTube and Vimeo. There are a number of reasons for this, but the most important one is timely content, a comment we heard many times during our Spring 2012 user survey. Based on experience, I know the easier it is for our partners to get their videos on the site, the faster we can get fresh videos to our users, so we set out to transfer as many existing videos as we could. The YouTube video player’s mobile accessibility also played a large role in this decision.

And speaking of, embedded videos plus our new responsive design means ArtBabble is now mobile. As a phone addict, this is the update I am looking forward to most. Check us out on your phone or tablet for art videos on the go!

ArtBabble’s most important purpose is to deliver art video to viewers, but our biggest complaint during our survey was that users couldn’t find the content they were looking for. After examining the channel tags on the site, we decided to sort and organize them into a larger, organized framework. This taxonomy is the basis for the new navigation of the site, and is built to grow to allow for the addition of future topics.

For Educators
Building off the new structure of the site, we decided to create the beginning of a “For Educators” section. We hope to grow this page over the coming months to continue to encourage the use of our videos in the classroom. Please let us know if you have suggestions, and share with us how you use art video in the classroom.

Our new Facebook comments feature allows actual conversation around the videos. Yay! Dive into the conversation, or share our videos on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Our new search lets users find what they are looking for faster and easier. In conjunction with the navigation filters, it allows for targeted search as well as casual browsing. We hope this will help you get to what you want to see and discover new things along the way.

Thank you for your support of the site over the past 3+ years! Please continue to share ArtBabble videos with your friends and let us know how you feel about all of the changes.

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