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Travelogue Part Two – Vancouver

As promised in my last post, this will be part two of my horticultural travelogue. Five days after returning from Tucson, I left for Vancouver, British Columbia. The weather was different. The plants were different.

The plant people were still the same – good people. But that weather. A little gray and drizzly, even real rain the one night. Thankfully the day we had devoted to touring was sunny and beautiful from start to finish.

Now. Why was I there? In 2013 the Perennial Plant Association (PPA) will hold its 31st national symposium in Vancouver. We were meeting to put together the program and then attend to general PPA business. It’s going to be a great program between the selection of speakers and the tours. The dates are July 21-27, 2013 with the three day core on the 23rd-25th.  Some very exciting tours during,  before, and after. Along with that, speakers with cutting-edge ideas addressing current needs of PPA members.

But let’s get more in travelogue mode.

Some views outside a hotel window.

Fall color was spectacular. I wasn’t expecting it necessarily and I cannot tell you why. Maybe I thought it was always GREEN out there.

Speaking of green, how about a green wall?

Yes, that’s a banana growing there.

Fuchsias get a little bigger out there than they do here.

And none of us in the group had ever seen Perennial Plant of the Year 2012  Brunnera macrophylla ‘Jack Frost’ grow so big. Here it is with our Executive director, Dr. Steven Still. He is a tall man. That plant is huge.

Of course there was food. There’s always food with plant people. The Japadogs were somewhere between a sausage and a hotdog with I guess you would say Japanese condiments. I definitely recommend them.

Perhaps the most important plant sighted for me was the always lusted for Gunnera manicata. It’s truly one of those plants those of us living in less hospitable climates would do just about anything to grow one. Anything. Amend the soil. Mulch heavily. Cover with a lightly heated box. Kill? Is it really murder if you are making a sacrifice to the Gunnera gods? At out last stop of the day, we finally stumbled upon a clump that had not been cut down. Spectacular.

And spectacularly long moments of constant craving…

…often leaving a trail of broken horticulturists’ hearts.

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