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Use a Post-It for Something Other than a To-Do List

Today's guest blogger is Lori Hodgen, Public Affairs intern and Butler University student.

A Post-It seems rather unimportant in the grand scheme of things—its only purpose to remind you of things you have yet to do (and often don’t want to do). But when it says something interesting, and you have the ability to post it ANYWHERE, a Post-It suddenly becomes a powerful little tool, like a primitive Tweet.

For the next several weeks, the IMA will be placing Post-Its all over the city. The Post-Its ask a simple (sort of) question: Who is Ai Weiwei? And if you don’t know, you should.

Image courtesy Lindsey Lord

Image courtesy Lindsey Lord

An activist and an artist, Ai Weiwei is known for his criticism of Chinese politics. His ideas are revolutionary (and have resulted in several arrests, a brain hemorrhage from a police beating, and an award-winning documentary about his life).

Clearly, the man is fascinating. And his works are coming to the IMA. So help us spread the word. Pick up some Post-Its at this month’s Final Fridays event. Post them anywhere—a bulletin board at work, on the mirror in the restroom at the movie theater—wherever. While you’re at it, keep looking for the Post-Its already hung around the city.

And if for no other reason, find a Post-It to impress your friends with your worldly knowledge of Ai Weiwei.

Join in the online discussion. Snap pictures of the Post-Its and post to Instagram or Twitter using #WhoisAiWeiwei.

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One Response to “Use a Post-It for Something Other than a To-Do List”

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    Tim Jensen Says:

    Can post-its be picked up any time other than Final Friday? It’s Good Friday for some, and I know I won’t be able to come by the museum Friday night. Thanks!

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