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Understanding Ai Weiwei

For those who haven’t heard, Ai Weiwei: According to What? opened last week at the IMA. Ai Weiwei is a revolutionary artist and activist, known for his constant battle against Chinese government. Ai’s works tell a story—a story of oppression, political corruption, and a fight for equality. But to fully understand the context in which his works were created, a little reading may be required. Take a look at the links posted below to learn more about Ai Weiwei. The articles will provide a little extra insight into Ai and his works.


And of course, visit the IMA to experience Ai’s works. Like the ‘reading the book before watching the movie rule,’ the links provided will help you better understand the complete story of Ai Weiwei.

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    Ai Weiwei certainly piques my interest. The pot arrangement is striking to say the least. I will educate myself more on Ai and his activist background. Obviously he also finds time to create exceptional art.

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