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Perennial Premiere Time!

After winter and a rather cold early spring the weather this week finally became likable. Actually, lovable!



Yes, I know 80s is a bit too warm but it wasn’t crazy like last year at least. What scared me was the way this week’s rain kept getting delayed. Always makes me think of drought anymore. But the rain came and everything is bursting into bloom – magnolias, daffodils, forsythia, spicebush, bloodroot, Grecian windflowers – the list goes on for a good bit now. It is a great time to visit with the grass greening up nicely to make all the colors pop. The redbuds (we have about a dozen different kinds) are in heavy bud. They will probably be in full bloom next weekend. That is just in time for Perennial Premiere, April 20th and 21st.

That’s right, folks. Another year has rolled around and it is already time for the 2013 Perennial Premiere, our annual kick-off for the coming growing season. As past attendees know, it is called Perennial Premiere but we will have far more than perennials. Everything from tropical bananas to native wildflowers to vegetables to bodacious begonias plus trees and shrubs will also be available. You can find a list of many of the available plants right here.

The greenhouses are packed with color already. 2







3A very nice selection of coleus as always.







4I have my eye on several of these fancy-leaf geraniums.







5As I said, native plants will be available, these are from Indiana seed.







6Perennial selection will be great. They are looking good and colorful.







7We all need to plant more Phlox divaricata. The common name is wild sweet William but it is not a Dianthus. Just one more example of the fun one can have with common names. Confuse the hell out of people by giving one common name to multiple plant genera.








This year’s event is extra special because it is also the 100th anniversary of Oldfields, the Lilly estate our greenhouses are located on. There will be an emphasis on heirloom plants to honor this great occasion.

When you are done shopping you can tour the Lilly House and take a stroll through the gardens. Then come back and shop some more because you are going to see more plants you want. We will have guided tours on Saturday and Sunday.

8There are also some lovely non-plant items available in the Greenhouse Shop.

All the Horticulture staff will be on hand the entire week-end to help you make good choices that fit your specific needs and wants. It’s the one time in the year where you have access to all the Horticulturists and the whole Greenhouse staff in one spot at the same time. I suggest you take full advantage of the opportunity.

So I will see you April 20th and 21st. Do not miss this event. I will be watching closely and noting those who fail to show. You don’t want to start off the gardening season by getting on my bad side. I know weeds. Bad weeds. Very bad weeds.

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