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Just Fine

I kind of totally forgot I was supposed to write a blog two weeks ago. I think I remembered at one point and then headed out of town for the regional Garden Writers’ meeting and poof! – thought gone. It’s been crazy busy getting annuals in the ground even with us doing less of them than we once did. At this point there are not many to go though I have yet to plant my first dahlia. You all rest easy in the root cellar, I’ll get to you right soon.

I am incredibly grateful for a “normal” spring. At least I think it was normal. It’s been so long since I saw normal in relation to weather that I’m not sure what it is anymore. Rain has been available though whether you are getting just enough or way too much is dependent on which side of the street you live on. There’s that whole normal thing again. Seems we used to all get an inch during a rain event and now I might get an inch, the folks two blocks over get a quarter inch, and the folks three miles south get 2 ½ inches. And maybe that was the way it always was but we didn’t have such exacting measuring around (or I just plain don’t remember).

Despite good rain up to now I find myself looking over my shoulder pretty regularly to see if a drought is following me. I remember the earlier forecast of it coming again. And I certainly remember the last three summers, last summer in particular when it seemed all I did was water. Not that it could not have been even worse. I’m fully aware.

Today. Right now. The weather is just fine and the Gardens are looking great with many plants in full bloom and foliage.

Campanula ‘Sarastro’ remains a favorite. If it does not get crazy hot we can get three bloom cycles on these.

Sarastro plant

Sarastro plant

Lupines don’t always do well around here but Thermopsis (villosa?!?!) caroliniana, Carolina LOU-PINE, does fantastic.

Yellow Loupine

Nepeta ‘Joanna Reed’ bloomed from June til frost last year. This is its second year and looks wonderful. I hate the way the foliage smells on most Nepeta but there is no denying they tend to be real workhorses.

Joanna Reed

Love Geum ‘Double Bloody Mary’ even when out of focus.

Bloody Mary a red flower

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Double Bloody Mary a red flower

Deutzia x hybrida ‘Magicien’ is one of the best shrubs for shade. A blooming machine every year.

Magicien plant

Close up of Magicien flower

Penstemon ‘Dark Towers’ is very lovely with its combination of dark foliage and pink flowers. But if you read it is sterile, trust me, it is very fertile.

Dark Tower plant

I’m not a big fan of white flowers normally but I really like the crisp white of these Geranium sanguineum ‘Album’.

Geranium bushes

Dryopteris erythrosora (autumn fern) shows why it is so wonderful. This is ‘Brilliance’.

An autumn fern plant

Close up of autumn fern plant

Why I said earlier things were in full foliage.

Low plants in full green foilage

In its second full year the Four Seasons Garden is presenting well.

The four seasons garden at the IMA

The Formal Garden is in prime condition. Even the climbing roses are putting on quite the show this year.

The formal garden at the IMA The formal garden at the IMA

As always, the rain garden is lush and beautiful.

The rain garden at the IMA

And don’t you want to know what is beyond this curve?

A curvy path on the IMA campus

I could go on and on about the gardens being beautiful this time of year (along with the weather!) but those dahlias are not going to plant themselves. Not that it would hurt them to have a little ambition and at least drag their butts out of the root cellar. But alas, I must plant and water. Come on over and visit. The Gardens are beautiful. Wish you were here.

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    Ben Says:

    The false lupine does perform very well and, most importantly, the rabbits leave it alone whereas they devour true lupine to the ground for me both years I have tried it.

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