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In Bloom Now at the IMA: Echinacea

Today's guest blogger is Anne Furlong, an intern in the IMA's Horticulture Department.

Summer-like temperatures and weather have finally popped up in central Indiana and so has the echinacea. July is the best time to catch these flowers in their prime!

Echinacea, a member of the Asteraceae plant family, gets its name from the Greek word ‘echinos’ meaning hedgehog. The name references the spiny center cone on each flower. More commonly known as coneflowers, echinacea are very easy to grow! A great flower for the beginning and advanced gardener alike, new double varieties and colors provide lots of garden interest while attracting wildlife at the same time.

Goldfinches in particular are known to like coneflowers, along with bees and butterflies.

Echinacea’s heat and drought tolerance as well as its ability to grow well in dry, clay and rocky soils make it a real trooper. Optimum bloom usually occurs in full sun with average watering.

All of these coneflowers and more can be found on the grounds of the IMA. If you look closely, you can spot them in nearly every garden area!

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