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SPRING! Spring? … spring …

Let’s hope it really is here. And it doesn’t have to be one of those crazy springs that is more like summer. Just a nice “normal” spring. Whatever the hell normal is now. So far, like winter, spring is trending cooler than average (look beyond the 65 of today). But that may make all the spring flowers last longer so long as it does not turn frigid. Which is to say – No More Polar Vortexes! You got that, Mother Nature? I certainly hope we understand one another.

Real signs of early spring are finally upon us. Every blog, tweet, and Facebook posting you come across is talking about the same group of plants. And that’s okay. We are all so hungry for the return of spring each year it is only natural. This year, our appetites for spring are ravenous! Nothing like a diet of barren white snow and subfreezing temperatures to make you drool over a simple meal of bright green and sunny yellow. I strongly suggest you get out there and eat it up.


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