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Organizing ArtBabble

The approaching New Year is bringing great and exciting changes at the IMA. In the Publishing and Media department, we are working towards an update of our much heralded art video site, ArtBabble.

After receiving praise from the New York Times in September for its easy-to-use interface and wealth of content, we are planning to build upon our success and make ArtBabble even better. Since its 2009 inception, ArtBabble has garnered an exceptional roster of partners from around the world and is currently host to over 1,200 videos from not only the IMA, but other prestigious institutions like the Smithsonian, the Met, MoMA, LACMA, and the National Gallery of Art. Thanks to one of our newest partners, Museo del Prado in Madrid, content is now also available in Spanish. So how can we make ArtBabble, an already amazing resource, even better? As a Masters of Library Science student at IU Bloomington, I can tell you my answer: organize, organize, organize!

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