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Blog Your Art Out!

As my last post for the IMA Blog (more on that later) I will share with you a fun Flickr project.  You can visit this new set on Flickr and check out a variety of staff sporting Blog Your Art Out t-shirts.  And we want to see you in yours!!  Send pics of yourself in your Blog Your Art Out t-shirt to Daniel at and he will add you to the set.  Here are a couple of examples:

Gary Hutchinson in his IMA Blog T-Shirt

Gary Hutchinson in his IMA Blog T-Shirt

Danny Beyer in his IMA Blog T-Shirt

Danny Beyer in his IMA Blog T-Shirt

Need to get a blog t-shirt?  You can buy one in the IMA store or you can buy online here.  Supplies are limited don’t miss out!

And as I mentioned at the beginning, this is my last post, and tomorrow is my last day at IMA.  I have loved getting to know our online communities and will miss this work!  Please keep on contributing and help IMA create the best online art experience out there!


IMA recommends…

The IMA blog team assembled this amazing list of links to stimulate your senses.  Please click through and enjoy some web surfing to cure your case of the Mondays.

The Ad Generator – Give this online activity a try, and marvel at the simple complexity of advertising in your daily life.  (Mad props to Noelle for this selection.)

1000 Artworks to See Before you Die – Although I do not agree with all of these picks, it is definitely worth your time.  Anyone have ideas of their own for this list?

IMA on Facebook – Have you visited our Facebook page already?  Then give us some feedback.  We can’t go from lame to fabulous without your help on that one.


Happy Thanksgiving

Since today’s celebration focuses on a particular bird, I thought it was most appropriate to share with you some turkey highlights from the IMA collection.  Enjoy and Happy Turkey Day!

Chairing Thanksgiving by Wayne Kimball

Chairing Thanksgiving by Wayne Kimball

The Turkey Pasture by William Baxter Palmer Closson

The Turkey Pasture by William Baxter Palmer Closson


Let’s focus people!

An on-going discussion during IMA Blog team meetings is how to sort or categorize content for our readers without stripping you of the right to stumble on to something unexpected.  The end result of that discussion is always the same…someone ends up saying, “anyone can already sort by category.”  Then we move on to other more pressing things, like how to make the blog feel flawlessly cohesive and spontaneous.  (BTW, how do you think we are doing on that one?)

IMA Blog Categories

IMA Blog Categories

So, instead of making an elaborate design-based effort that would no doubt involve too many hours of Matt Gipson’s time, we thought it might be useful to show you how you can already customize your blog reading experience and see how that goes.

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Indy welcomes Tyler Green

Tyler Green to speak at Central Library

Tyler Green

You may recall a few mentions of Tyler Green here on our blog.  He is the author of the distinguished art blog Modern Art Notes (MAN).  Waves of giggles and high-fives have radiated through IMA each time we get a mention among the national heavyweights featured on MAN (Except this recent one, which we internalized as an interesting challenge, emboldening our collective spirit).

So you can only imagine the excitement now that he is in Indy.  He will be giving a talk at the Central Library tonight entitled, “Ten Things I Hate About Contemporary Art.” This visit has been organized by the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art.

To borrow a quote from IMCPL’s description of the program, the Wall Street Journal called MAN, “the most influential of all visual arts blogs.”  So I hope you are already checking your calendar, because this is an event not to be missed!  I hope to see many IMA blog readers there! Come say hi and collect a free IMA Blog t-shirt!  (While supplies last, of course!)

The details: Central Library (40 E. St. Clair St.), 7 PM, FREE  For more information visit IMCPL website


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