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Not a last minute blog post

I’ve written similar posts in the past. It’s usually when I realize I’m supposed to blog at the last minute, so I scramble for some inspiration and typically end up recapping some of our current projects. Fortunately, The Nugget Factory projects are usually pretty cool.

You may have heard, that we softly launched the new IMA website on Tuesday? Well, we were kind of busy with that recently. But we’ve kept our eyes on a couple of other projects, including a major video documentary. You may recall our first major documentary, on Maya Lin which we debuted on ArtBabble. A pic of Dan on location for that documentary, below.

two cameras and dan

Senior New Media Producer Dan Dark, on location in Walla Walla

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Whistle while you work

This blog post began like many of our new media projects at the IMA. I was meeting with my colleagues in the Nugget Factory, kicking around ideas for this blog post. Actually, we were also literally kicking a soccer ball around. We keep one in our area for creative brainstorming and because I love Soccer (did someone say 2010 World Cup – England vs. USA, what?).  All of a sudden, Dan Dark kicked the ball and hit my coffee mug, which of course exploded all over my sweater. True story. And a blog post was born. Spontaneity.

Senior New Media Producer

Dan Dark, Senior New Media Producer

It’s the first time I’ve been doused by coffee in a creative meeting, but I’ve also been pranked countless times by my colleagues.

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Three is a Magic Number

If you happen to be at the Indianapolis Museum of Art later today, say 5pm, you’ll have a chance of discovering Bloggers Anonymous.  It’s our third event of BA, and something pretty different from what we typically do regarding technology.  We’re actually meeting people face-to-face.  At the IMA, we kind of dig technology and spend a lot of time developing digital projects, like this blog, ArtBabble, TAP and a million other things.  We really love our work, but I guess there would be one draw back to what we do.

Hey, you get to hang out with me.

Hey, you get to hang out with me.

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Exhibition Easter Eggs in October

I’m actually talking about Easter Eggs in the technology sense. Hidden tips, tricks, messages and so on. A bunch of us have been working on TAP: Sacred Spain for some time now and it’s been slightly exhausting.  With the exhibition, Sacred  Spain: Art & Belief in the Spanish World, opening this weekend, it’s been a mad dash to finalize this exhibition experience that features audio commentary, music, polls, videos and high res imagery, all accessible for $5 on an iPod Touch.

X-Ray of the Virgin of Guadalupe

X-Ray of the Virgin of Guadalupe

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Teaching Museums and Technology

In a few weeks, I begin teaching Museums and Technology (I’m not the only IMA instructor this fall – my colleague, blogger and conservator,  Richard McCoy is also teaching –  Collections Care and Management with Jennifer Mikulay).  Museums and Technology is run through IUPUI Museum Studies and will feature 18 or so, up and coming undergrad and graduate students.  They will one day enter the museum community with their own ideas, theories and philosophies.  I’m actually excited to learn from them.  The class itself is a different story, and for the sake of clarity, here is the official class description:

MSTD A414 / A514: Museums and Technology (3 cr.) This course surveys the growing use of technology in museums. It examines applications for information management in collections, conservation science, and archives. It examines critically the use of technology in the service of education both in exhibit contexts and in the variety of educational programs and web-based dissemination of knowledge.

(I would normally put an image here, but I don’t have a good one.  Instead I’m going to plug our latest video, a trailer for our next major exhibition Sacred Spain: Art & Belief in the Spanish World).

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About Daniel

Job Title: Director of New Media. Interests: I love soccer, airports, traveling, formula one, robots, dinosaurs, ducks and cooking. Favorite Movies: Kung Fu Hustle, The Natural, The Bourne Trilogy, Science of Sleep, and I’m a big fan of Steve McQueen and Peter Sellers. Favorite Music: This is what I’m into right now – EPMD, Flight of the Conchords, De La Soul and Johnny Cash. Favorite Food: Ha - I’ll pretty much eat anything, but I would love some ribs, fish tacos, gummi worms, and some scones. Pets: 3 cats (Louis, Ludwig and Ella). Something you should know about me: I love riding a bicycle.

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