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There’s an IndyCar in my spot

I biked in to work this morning and found a bunch of vintage Indy cars parked in front of the fountain.

I can only assume that this is part of the IZOD IndyCar Series event going on at the IMA today. The event is for an announcement that will include information about the future of racing with the IZOD IndyCar series and what the next IndyCar will look like. As the guests enter the Museum, they’ll take a trip down memory lane, er Brickyard.

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Flooding in the park

As I was biking in to work this morning, I noticed that the small dam by the bridge near Westfield was completely under water. This got me wondering what the 100 Acres looks like with all of this extra water. I was in for quite a surprise.

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Bikes, Bridges and Waterways

Last year, I challenged myself by biking to work on Bike to Work Day, and then attempting to bike in once a week over the summer. I’ve been waiting anxiously for the right time to start up a new season, and today was the day. I thought I’d do a bridge tour of my ride from the Monon trail down to the museum, so here it goes:

The Monon & The White River

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A great opportunity for planet-gazing

Speaking of art and nature, I’d like to recommend getting outside and savoring the beauty of the night sky a little bit after sunset, because for a while you’ll be able to see the conjunction of Venus and Mercury.

Yes, those are our planetary neighbors… hold your hand up at arm’s length and they’re just about three fingers apart. Trust me, it’s a whole different experience seeing this with your own eyes. Which you can, but binoculars might help if you’re in an area that suffers from light pollution.

Enjoy contemplating the universe!


Crafting the Calendar Experience

If you haven’t noticed, we have around two dozen events happening at the museum this week, and that’s fairly typical. When we were discussing events and calendar design for the new website, we realized that we had a challenge on our hands. And honestly, we might have underestimated it a bit at first.

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