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In the Footsteps of Giants

There are a lot of projects in our Education Department that often go unnoticed by the general public. We quietly (OK, if you’ve been in our offices, it’s not really all that quiet) strive each day to make a significant difference in the lives of the people with whom we’re working, but once in a while I’m really inspired to speak out and share our work with everyone.

Hard Truths: The Art of Thornton Dial is one of those times. The exhibition opens in February of 2011, and I know it will present multiple opportunities to engage members of our community in thoughtful, productive discussions about current events and relevant social issues. Through a grant we received from the NEA, we have been able to form a partnership with students and faculty at Lynhurst 7th and 8th Grade Center in Wayne Township.

Thornton Dial, Sr., "Don't Matter How Raggly the Flag, It Still Got to Tie Us Together"

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StoryCorps visits the IMA

I’m a sucker for any story that depicts a “triumph of the human spirit.” I succumb to that feeling of my throat getting tight, my lower lip trembling, eyes welling with tears as I listen to someone recount how they faced insurmountable challenge, but found the strength and support to overcome adversity. Those tales of creativity and strength and love and commitment just get me every time.

In 2009, the IMA was awarded the prestigious Medal of Honor from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. In order to offer a more personalized view of each institution receiving the award, IMLS partnered with a non-profit group called StoryCorps. If you’ve tuned into WFYI in the mornings, you may have heard some of the three minute interview segments that have been recorded by StoryCorps staff across the country.

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