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A Virtual Trip to Venice

It’s a bit quieter around the office this week, though my inbox is no lonelier. From curatorial staff to exhibition designers, public affairs representatives and IT staff, the IMA has a mighty team of Biennale ambassadors overseas. They’re hosting VIPs, recording videos, taking photographs, installing work, and surely doing a list of other necessary tasks that I am unaware of. While it may seem like the whole Museum boarded a plane, that’s certainly not the case. Many of us (most of us, really) are here manning the fort.

So what are we up to back in the motherland? A few things really…

While our traveling cohorts organize and gather the documentation materials, a team of us are ready and on-hand to help get that content to you (and our friends in the media) as quickly as possible. Working within a system that includes a 6 hour time difference isn’t always easy, but multiple process meetings prior to the trip has made for smooth sailing (knock on wood).

Most of my job entails getting the content out to you, our online audience. From updating the website with videos, images, and information to managing our Facebook and @imamuseum Twitter account, my work is 90% online and 10% meetings about the online material. I sincerely love this job and it’s because of this job that I feel like I am in Venice along with everyone else.

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Summer Partnership with IndyGo

IndyGo Youth PassGreat news for parents looking for some extra time this summer and teens looking for a little independence. The IMA has partnered with IndyGo to offer a Summer Youth Pass with added IMA perks! When purchasing an IndyGo Summer Youth Pass, children and teens—ages 18 and under—can hop aboard the bus and ride to museums, the zoo, the movies, a ball game, the mall and other destinations throughout Marion County from June 1 to August 31 for only $30. That’s summer-long transportation at a price lower than the cost of a tank of gas for most vehicles! A gas and money-saver, the Summer Youth Pass is also a great opportunity to discuss the environmental benefits of taking the bus while also teaching your children how to responsibly navigate through public transportation, a life-long valuable lesson.

So, where does the IMA fit in?

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Guess the Name of the Film Game – FINAL ROUND

It’s the final round of the Guess the Name of the Film Game! A big thank you to everyone for playing! Before we go on to today’s clues, here is a run-down of all films on schedule for the 2011 Summer Nights Film Series:

Below are your clues for the last film. I think you all know the drill by now but the first person to correctly guess will win two tickets to any Summer Nights film. Leave a comment below and the answer will be given tomorrow morning.

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Guess the Name of the Film Game – Round Twelve

It’s round twelve of Guess the Name of the Film Game! We’re almost to the end and thank you to all of those who have participated in the game over the past two weeks. With two films to go, you still have a chance to win!

Congratulations to yesterday’s winner for correctly guessing To Catch a Thief. The 1955 Alfred Hitchcock film will play August 12 at the IMA as part of the annual Summer Nights Film Series.

Below are your clues for the next film. The answer will be given tomorrow and the first person to correctly guess (by commenting below) will win two Summer Nights tickets. With only one artwork given, this one is going to be tough! I say that hesitantly as you have surprised me in earlier rounds (smarty-pants).


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Guess the Name of the Film Game – Round Eleven

“A hickey from Kenickie is like a Hallmark card.”

Playing August 5 in the IMA’s outdoor amphitheater, the tenth film of the Summer Nights Film Series will be the 1978 sing-a-long Grease! Congratulations to Sarah who correctly guessed the film based off of yesterday’s clues. Three more films to go! 

For those new to the game, we’re asking you to name film titles based on clues from the IMA’s permanent collection. All films are on schedule for the 2011 Summer Nights Series beginning June 3. IMA members can purchase tickets to films this Friday and ticket sales for the general public begin May 2. On the schedule so far, we have Mommie Dearest (1981), Blue Hawaii (1961), The Sandlot (1993),  The Wiz (1978), Zoolander (2001), Poltergeist (1982), Clerks (1994), Top Gun (1986), and Grease (1978).

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