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I know what you’re thinking. This guy still works there? It has been a while since I’ve written a blog post. Nearly three years or so. I’m still here. Been busy. REALLY busy. Anyone who has visited the museum in the past few years has seen the changes being made to the campus. It seems like nearly everything has gone through some type of transformation. Some of it is still in the works. In the six years that I have worked here, the changes the museum has been through have been so numerous that its easy to forget everything I’ve worked on. Think about it: new logo, 100 Acres, Miller House, The Toby, revamped Cafe, Design Center, magazine redesign. …and those were just some of the bigger projects. Now try and remember all of the exhibitions we’ve shown. Between the major traveling exhibitions and our own permanent collection rotations, it was a lot.

In the Marketing offices

In 2006, the graphic design team worked in the marketing department. Exhibition design worked on the other side of the building. There wasn’t usually much crossover. The brochure you picked up was never part of the dialogue with actual exhibition design. We handled primarily marketing print work. No exhibition graphics. Since then, all of that has changed. Graphic design is part of the larger Design Studio. We collaborate every day, not only with each other, but with every other department in the museum. We still work on all print collateral, but also on exhibition graphics. We’ve had our growing pains, but it has been an amazing experience that has helped strengthen not only my own work, but the overall design of the museum and the visitor experience.

The Design Studio

So, what’s the point of all this? Tomorrow night, Wednesday February 15th, David Russick, our Chief Designer, and I will be giving a presentation for AIGA Indy about how our department functions here at the museum. It has been a crazy trip for us as we’ve looked back at all of the things we’ve worked on. Our accomplishments and our failures. Over coffee, we’ve remembered many of the amazing and ridiculous things that have happened with each project. We’d love to have you come out to the Indianapolis Art Center and learn about design at the IMA and help support AIGA. More info can be found here. Hopefully we’ll see you there. Oh, and I’ll try not to wait three years between blog posts next time.


On the Road Again

No, despite popular demand, the IMA is not having a Willie Nelson retrospective. What can I say…write your congressman. Maybe next year. Thursday, June 26th is the opening of On The Road Again With Jack Kerouac and Robert Frank.

I’ve had the pleasure to work on the team designing this exhibition and we’re all really excited for next week’s opening. How can you go wrong? Kerouac’s original scroll for On The Road, surrounded by Frank’s series The Americans.

Most of you probably read On The Road in either high school or college. I read it after reading an interview with Bob Dylan, who said that it changed his life. Its crazy,  Read the rest of this entry »


Stick a fork in me…

A few weeks back I read an interview from the weekly German newspaper Die Zeit with french designer Philippe Starck. I don’t normally make it a habit to read weekly German newspapers. I prefer the bi-weekly ones much better. You know, more objectivity, less fluff.

Starck is a superstar designer, if you will. A design celebrity. Kind of like a Britney Spears of the design world. Just with a beard and a little less crazy. He’s designed countless products and interiors…everything from toothbrushes to hotels and restaurants around the world. In the 1990’s he began championing product longevity as part of his design process. He’s said that a designer’s role is to create more happiness with less. A nice thought.

In this interview Starck said that in two years he’s retiring from design. He’s reached a point in his life where he looks back to the objects he has produced over the past 20 years and has come to the conclusion that he has done nothing but contribute to materialism. “Everything I have created is absolutely unnecessary”

Photo Credit: Philippe Starck. Photo: Jean-Babtiste Mondino

He went on to say that “design is really a terrible way to express oneself.”

The design community took a collective gasp and everyone started lining up to take sides,  Read the rest of this entry »


It’s my first day.

Blogging anyway. So…where to start? I began by making a list of things to talk about. Things I have read recently about design or maybe just some stuff about myself so you can get to know me a little better. You know, something funny and charming that would win you over by the time you finished this first paragraph. I like puppies and I recycle. And there it is.

Okay, well maybe not. Perhaps I’ll just follow Richard’s lead and start off with what I do.

I’m the Senior Graphic Designer here at the IMA. So what does that mean exactly? Any graphic designer will tell you that we get this a lot. Not a big deal. Don’t be afraid to ask if you ever find yourself in this situation. My own family still has trouble figuring out exactly what I spend my day doing. When I was growing up I loved to draw things. I was a drawin’ fool. Mainly Spider-Man and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This, of course, implied to every adult that knew me that one day I might just become a successful artist. Watch this kid; he’s going places!

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About Matthew

Job Title: Senior Graphic Designer

Interests: Mid-century modern architecture and design, good books (favorites are anything by Kurt Vonnegut and Dave Eggers) I'm also a closet history geek, especially for postwar America up to the late 70's. My wife and I also just had a baby, so I'm pretty interested to see how that turns out.

Favorite Movies: I love Wes Anderson films. They're beautifully designed and damn funny. I should also mention Nacho Libre, Shaun of the Dead and The Birds. A lame movie I'll watch over and over? Tremors.

Favorite Music: Changes weekly, but top 5 five are: Bob Dylan, John Prine, Johnny Cash, Andrew Bird and Sufjan Stevens.

Favorite Food: I'm just your typical red blooded, midwestern boy. Keep anything fancy on your own plate.

Pets: one overly excited dog, a rat terrier named Baily.

Something you should know about me: I don't remember what my wife wore on our first date but I know the words to every Bob Dylan song. Sorry, honey.

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