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Rock-Afire Explosions in My Racing Dreams

IIFF09_logo_sq_color_LOAs my first time attending an organized multi-day movie experience, the opening week of the Indianapolis International Film Festival here at the IMA has made a great first impression. What’s left an impression so far? Well, I laughed my sad/happy heart out for the animated wonder Sita Sings The Blues, got my throat choked-up by the plight of a little orphan tyke in Prince of Broadway, and joined the cult of Best Worst Movie right after I got my picture taken with the dad from Troll 2!  Given my already stellar performance as film festival attendee and a personal must see list still containing multiple films, anticipation for the remaining days of the IIFF is high.

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Phil’s Pharmacy


Phil’s Pharmacy prescribes the following links to combat Monday online anemia.

Indianapolis International Film Festiva (IIFF) – Only six years old and already pulling in some pretty notable films. Opening night had sneak peak of “500 Days of Summer” and last Friday there was a double feature of “Best Worst Movie” and “Troll 2.” Some films I’m looking forward to seeing are “The Dungeon Masters” tonight at 9 PM, “Garbage Dreams” tomorrow at 7:30 pm, and a documentary about the  Showbiz Pizza band, “The Rock-Afire Explosion” on Thursday at 7 pm. Films show throughout the day now through July 25 at the IMA. Full IIFF schedule.

Intolerable Beauty: Portraits of American Mass Consumption – A thought provoking collection of photos by Chris Jordan regarding the discarded. Here’s a question: if dinosaurs died, got buried, and turned into sweet sweet oil, what happens to motherboards and diapers?

Elizabeth Kolbert: Why are we so fat? – Speaking of mass consumption, “If this was about tuberculosis, it would be called an epidemic.” Ha! Check out this interesting read on some of the science-y theories behind our growing behinds and a scary observation about how people will basically continue to eat so long as there is food in front of them. This in mind, I’m going to have to rethink the compulsive popcorn eating I planned for IIFF.

Monday Music – “Young Hearts Spark Fire” by the Japandroids. Giving The Crocodiles a run for their money.  \”Young Hearts Spark Fire\” by the Japandroids


Phil’s Pharmacy


Phil’s Pharmacy prescribes the following links to combat Monday online anemia.

Henry Wessel: Anything that Catches my Eye – A short ArtBabble video of photographer Henry Wessel talking about his philosophy on photographing and luck. Example excerpt,  “you can do things to prepare yourself to receive the good luck.” Note: In a couple weeks I’m taking a vacation and heading West with a car, guitar, and camera. If you’re feeling lucky, prepare yourself.

Wataru Ito: Castle on the Ocean – Tedium is the message. Learn a few folds for yourself on ArtBabble. Swallow. Duck. Sparrow.

Charles + Ray Eames on TED – Good work to the Internet for making this TED video show up on TED is definitely a cool site, but c’mon, this talk is over two years old. There’s way fresher Digg-able design content on ArtBabble : )

Monday Music – “I Wonder Who We Are” by The Clientele. \”I Wonder Who We Are\” by The Clientele


Bicycles, Art, and Robots

Bikes, with their cute mechanical simplicity and efficient way of using of energy, fascinate the engineer in me. Combined with the thrill of blurring past the seemingly static world with fleshy swirling feet grafted to steel and rubber, bike riding confuses me for a bit into thinking I’m a mechanized version of myself. You know, a Philbot. So, this last weekend when nearly 180 of my mechanized brothers assembled in Monaco for the start of the 2009 Tour de France,  I shifted my cyborg eye away from art and marketing for a few hours to watch my favorite sporting event and cheer on the race for the coveted Maillot jaune.

As you all are hopefully aware, the leader of many a mechanized-two-wheeler assault peloton, Lance Armstrong, has come out of retirement and is competing in the 2009 Tour de France to promote cancer awareness through his Livestrong organization. What you all may not be aware of is that Lance has a thing for art and has commissioned some pretty notable artists and designers to create bikes for him.

For example, Marc Newson, whose designs were included in our recent exhibition, European Design Since 1985, is responsible for the graphic treatment on this time trial bike.

Marc Newsons bicycle for Lance Armstrong

Marc Newson's bicycle for Lance Armstrong

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Phil’s Pharmacy


Phil’s Pharmacy prescribes the following links to combat Monday online anemia.

100 Best Scholarly Art Blogs – For what it’s worth, our little blog is on a top 100 list posted by University Reviews Online.  For what it’s even more worth, we’re sitting with some pretty good company e.g. Eye Level, Brooklyn Museum, and Museum 2.0. URO, thanks for the nod.

The Art of the Brick – Art made from interesting materials is sure to catch my eye. Therefore, you know my eyes were totally caught when I saw that artist Nathan Sawaya has over 1.5 million Lego bricks in his New York studio that he uses to create sculptures like the ones found in his show, The Art of the Brick. Thanks to for the eye catcher.

Speckyboy Design Magazine – A slick design blog that frequently mentions techy things that I care about e.g. Twitter, WordPress, Drupal, robots built with trash, stop motion Lego films, etc. Check out this blog for tools and tips for your creative front and back ends.

Monday Music – “Bull Black Nova” by Wilco. \”Bull Black Nova\” by Wilco


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