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Sean Miller, Director of JEMA

Sean Miller is a participating artist in the exhibition On Procession. His project, the John Erikson Museum of Art, takes the form of miniature, portable museum galleries which he uses as a platform to host rotating exhibitions of other artists’ works. JEMA, named after Miller’s great-grandfather, was marched through the 2007 Art Parade presented by Deitch Projects, Paper Magazine and Creative Time. The Art Parade, an annual SoHo event since 2005, combines artworks solicited from an open call, museum-sponsored floats, and all types of rock n’ roll spectacle.

JEMA has been presented in other contexts, including other museums’ galleries. Beyond its obvious humor, JEMA offers an alternative vision of what it is to make an exhibition. As a portable museum, JEMA’s open construction and minimized logistical operations allow for more flexible or experimental programming than other kinds of museum galleries.  Read the rest of this entry »


About Sean Miller

Occupation: Founder and Chief Curator for JEMA

Sean Miller is also a Florida-based artist and a Lecturer at University of Florida at Gainesville. He is one of the founders of Soil Gallery/Collective (Seattle, Washington) and was an active member, promoter, and curator for the group until 1999. In addition, between 1998-1999 Miller also served as the Gallery Coordinator for the King County Arts Commission in Seattle, WA.

When not busy with JEMA activities, Sean Miller collects, catalogues and photographs art museum dust from museums around the world. Miller recently announced that upon his death he will be cremated and his ashes will be covertly released into major art museums worldwide.


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