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Top 10 Most Read IMA Blog Posts of 2010

If you were to Google “2010 Top Ten”, you would see a variety of lists from Halloween costumes to songs, films, and even an attempt to be all-inclusive with The Top 10 Everything of 2010.

Top 10 lists are actually one of my guilty pleasures of the New Year, especially when the list pertains to popular culture. After a visit to Google Analytics, I pulled the top 10 most read IMA Blog posts of the past year (according to pageviews). Some of these were actually written before 2010, but our readers kept them popular. So, in case you missed any of the original posts, here are the favorites of the past year…

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Fashion Fix

Strike a pose. We’ve been practicing our runway walk and ‘Blue Steel‘ for weeks just so we could serve you up this hot ‘n tasty video tour of Body Unbound. Check it out:

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Who’s that girl? Part 2: Mannequin prep & IMA TV

A while back I wrote a post on mannequin preparation for our exhibition, Body Unbound. Around the same time, I began working on short behind-the-scenes video with the Nugget Factory. Welcome to my first IMA TV interview.

Filming turned out to be a bit nerve-racking for me. “Act naturally,” is a phrase easier said than done. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy witnessing what exactly we do to prepare for an exhibition.

Body Unbound is now on open and looks fantastic. Be sure to stop by the IMA before January 2011 and see for yourself.

No mannequins were harmed during the making of this video:

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IMA TV: Gonna Bee Alright

Here at IMA TV, we do whatever it takes to bring you the story- even if it means putting our lives on the line. You heard me. Lives. Our most treacherous assignment yet involved us getting up close and personal with the IMA’s bee hive.

Soon after our arrival, Chad Franer, Manager of Horticulture (and part-time bee whisperer) put our minds at ease with some calming words and a bee smoker.

Check out the video below to learn more about beekeeping at the IMA. No bees (or Nuggets) were harmed during the making of this video.

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Raising the roof in 100 Acres

Designed by Marlon Blackwell Architects, the 100 Acres Visitors Pavilion will serve as the cornerstone of the park and promises to be one of the region’s signature architectural landmarks.

The form of the building takes inspiration from the structure and geometry of a fallen, folded leaf. The large angular deck folds back on itself to form the canopy above, both of which are constructed to allow for the free flow of sunlight and rain water, and the unique visible steel structure of the building is reminiscent of the leaf’s skeletal veins.

(via Flickr)

Here’s something really cool: the Pavilion will be a LEED certified structure, with careful attention paid to environmental sensitivity and energy efficiency throughout the design and construction process. To find out more about the eco-friendliness of the Pavilion, click HERE.

And since you’re here, check out this conversation between architect Marlon Blackwell and structural engineer Guy Nordensen:

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