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Co-Founder of Facebook Launches New Social Media Platform

Over the past week, you may have seen in your Facebook feed that several of your friends have “Just joined Jumo.” You’re probably thinking oh no, not another one…how many social sites do we all need?  Don’t worry! This one actually serves a purpose that isn’t covered by Twitter, Facebook, or most of the others.

Jumo login pageJumo was conceptually introduced in March of 2010 when Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes announced a soft-launch of the non-profit platform that matches users’ philanthropic interests to various causes. Nearly 9 months later, what was just a landing page is now a beta-launched version that is definitely worth checking out. So what exactly is it?

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What in the Warhol?!

The Circle was anything but square today.

Today (yes, Friday the 13th) a couple dozen Andy Warhol look-a-likes dashed around Monument Circle to the rockin’ sounds of The Velvet Underground’s ‘Run Run Run’ for a little thing we like to call a flash mob.

That leaves two kinds of people in this town: those who saw it, and those who didnt.

You were there? Awesome! You can upload your pics and vids to using your Flickr account. Missed the action? Don’t get your wig in a twist. Stay tuned for great footage and images here.

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Back-to-School Blues: Summer Recap

This summer I am fortunate to have two dedicated and hard-working interns working with me in the Public Affairs Department.  The following is a post by Steph Gray, the marketing and promotions intern who is also starting her senior year in Theatre Performance and Arts Administration at Butler University, about her experiences at the Museum this summer.

IMA Summer Intern Steph Gray

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Volunteer for Your 15 Minutes of Fame

In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”- Andy Warhol

This October, the IMA will be presenting Andy Warhol Enterprises: an exhibition that examines Andy Warhol’s lifelong exploration of commerce, consumerism, and the business of art-making.

Featuring works that span his entire career, Warhol the artist, the businessman and the personality will loom large throughout the entire Museum this fall and winter…

…which got us thinking: why keep Andy inside the walls of the museum? Why not make his presence city-wide?

Even almost 25 years after his death, Andy Warhol may be the most popular artist of the 20th century. So popular, in fact, that you can buy Andy Warhol wigs on Amazon. Which is exactly what we did last week!


Beginning next month, our street team will be wearing those wigs and popping up at various events around town. ” The Andys” will tailgate at Colts games, attend fairs and festivals, and hang out on college campuses. Perhaps you’ll run into an Andy while shopping for shoes or a loaf of bread. Where’s Warhol? Aisle 3. Read the rest of this entry »

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Being Social

(photo via Joe Shoemaker)

Last week, I represented the IMA (@IMAMuseum) at the Indianapolis Social Media Breakfast (@indysmb) on the topic of Using Social Media in Travel, Tourism and Attraction Industries. Serving on the panel with me were representatives from IndyHub (@IndyHub), The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis (@TCMIndy), The State Fair Grounds (@IndyStateFair), and the ICVA (@VisitIndy). Sitting in the audience were some of the most engaged social networkers in the city. It was a great opportunity to discuss the IMA’s social media strategy and to hear how other organizations are utilizing social networks for marketing and audience development strategies. (In case you don’t know, the “@” behind the organization refers to its Twitter account).

To sum up, here’s what I discussed:

  1. Social Media = Social Networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) + Social Content (Video, blogs, etc.) If an organization creates great social content then social networking is a heckuvalot easier! Producing good, engaging content should be your top priority.
  2. The staff person/s that manage/s Facebook and Twitter is your online visitor services staff. Whether they speak from their own voice or on behalf of your organization, Social Media staff are evangelists of the organization. They have to be authentically passionate about what they communicate and be willing to live the mission of the organization. The best Social Networking is done 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.
  3. When it comes to online strategy, the best plan is to not plan. While it’s essential that overall communication objectives and key messages are understood, the best social media presences are those that have the ability to be flexible, responsive and experimental.

See the full discussion:

Indianapolis Social Media Breakfast | May 13th 2010 from Twelve Stars Media Productions on Vimeo.

Want More?

If you are local and want to learn more about the IMA and our social media strategy, you’re in luck! This Thursday, May 20 at 5:30 we will be hosting Bloggers Anonymous, a meetup group of individuals who are interested in art, technology, online communications and networking. Come, grab a drink in Nourish Café, get some freebies, and meet some really great people while you’re at it!

DJ Stefan at the tables

Hello, my blog is...

First Bloggers Anonymous event

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