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Have it Your Way: Results from our 2 Minute Mobile Survey

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey last week! Your feedback means a lot to us and has provided some interesting insights into how this little segment of our audience is thinking about mobile tours. As promised, here are the results we got from last weeks questions. I’ll generally try to summarize a bit and I’d be really interested in your thoughts / comments about what you see in the data too.

The graph below shows that most people are really intrigued by the possibilities of accessing mobile content from their own devices, follow by slightly fewer respondents who felt like they’d prefer to rent a device that was guaranteed to work.  If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll know that we most recently released a tour for the 100 Acres park that anyone with a internet-capable smartphone can experience. (visit on your mobile phone and look for 100 Acres)  Internally at the IMA we’re still looking for that “right” balance between devices that we maintain and a user’s own device.  We’d be interested in your feedback in the comments if you have a good thought or opinion.

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Have it Your Way: Help us plan our next mobile tour!

Have it Your Way!

Well, our intrepid team of media and software guru’s are busy preparing to launch our first outdoor mobile content tour to highlight the opening of 100 Acres this weekend.  Folks are a little bit frazzled and wishing for the sunshine, but I think we’re all universally excited about the incredible stories there are to tell in the park.

While we’ve ironed out our initial set of tour content for 100 Acres, we could use your help in planning the next great escapades we undertake for mobile content.  So, in the great tradition of McDonalds… if you could “Have it Your Way”, what should our next mobile tour look like?

If you’ll answer a few of these questions, I promise to come back next week and share with the class all we’ve learned from your responses!  We’ll take the best ideas from this survey and see if we can wrap them into our next mobile tour!

Thank You! -Rob

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2009 Summer Nights Poll – The Results are in!

Summer Nights at the IMA

We asked the people and the people have spoken. The 2009 Summer Nights Poll results are now official and I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to participate. Without further delay, I present to you the winning films.

Rainout Poll Winner: Field of Dreams
On June 26, we will hopefully make up for last year’s frequent summer rains and show an inspiring film about the power of America’s favorite pastime. Starring Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones, we hope that “if you picked it, you will come.”

Lights, Camera, Action Flick Poll Winner: Fight Club
On July 10, join us as we marvel at Brad Pitt’s abs and his violent fraternity of misfits. Based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk and directed by David Fincher, Fight Club not only has a satisfying and complicated plot but is also visually stunning. Some cool effects with this one. Good pick.

Cult Classics Poll Winner: Dazed & Confused

On August 14, pack up your buddies and join us for a summer night where Ben Affleck, Milla Jovovich, Matthew McConaughey and the love of my life, Parker Posey, prepare Randall “Pink” Floyd (Jason Landon) for summer break. The music is good in this one too.

Music Poll Winner: High Fidelity *Updated 3/25/2009*

On August 28, music takes a leading role when we show this comedy about girls, mix tapes, and top five lists. Cusack siblings are onboard and Jack Black treats viewers with well timed quips and Belle and Sebastian references. If you’ve got a top five music list, I’d like to see it in the comments.

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Summer Nights 2009 – Film Poll

The second annual American Idol-style Summer Nights Film Poll is back. This is your chance to tell us what you want to see on the big screen! Last year you voted, we listened, and you watched movies under the stars at the IMA: This is Spinal Tap, Glory, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Mummy, The Big Lebowski, Strangers on a Train, Devil in a Blue Dress, Dr. Strangelove, Sholay and Ghostbusters.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Summer Nights 2008

Now it’s time to mark your calendars for season #34 of Summer Nights, June 5-August 28. As one of the few art museums in the country with an amphitheater, the IMA offers a unique movie-going experience. All you need is a blanket, some friends and a picnic basket full of goodies. And, by popular demand, another special midnight screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is in the works.

Summer Nights at the IMAVOTE NOW! Below are four categories of films. Vote for your favorite film in each of the categories as often as you like. Polls close at noon on February 25, and results, including the full Summer Nights schedule, will be announced in March on the IMA Blog.

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That’s right.  We did it.  We made blog t-shirts.  We asked you for slogans, compiled all the ideas and then chose the cream of the crop for an IMA blog poll.  If you recall, the top 5 slogans were:

  • “Blog your art out” by Eric
  • “Future IMA Guest Blogger” by Despi (that’s me)
  • “Like you have something better to do” by Henry
  • Front “Ping” Back “” by Lindsey
  • “When you need a good poll” by Despi (yep, two from me)

The poll winner was Eric, by a landslide.  So it is his slogan that made its way onto the t shirt.

Slogan conceived by Eric, design perfected by IMA's Matt Gipson

Slogan conceived by Eric, design perfected by IMA

Designed by IMA Apps Team member and Web Designer, Matt Gipson, these tees are available for sale in the IMA gift shop ($20).  For those of you who submitted suggestions for the poll, you should have received an e-mail from the awesome Emily (also known as Demily) asking for your address.  If you responded a t-shirt is on its way to you right now!

So what should the next poll be?

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