Back to’s 1st Birthday

It was one year ago today that we launched the current version of We are admittedly still proud of our website as it took a large group of IMA staff six months of dedicated work to create what you see today. In a blog post, we introduced the world to the new set of features of the site. Today, we thought we would take a brief look back at those features and see what worked and what needed a little adjusting throughout the year.

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Microscopic & Digital Art: What has your iPhone or iPad captured?

I know it’s only Monday, but maybe you’re already in need of a drink? How about one that looks great, is long lasting, and won’t result in a series of unfortunate drunk dials?

Florida State University research scientist, Michael Davidson, combined alcohol and microphotography to come up with the imagery you see below – a microscopic print of chablis.

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Hanging on a String

The design and fabrication collective Ball-Nogues will be installing a site specific work in the Efroymson Family Entrance Pavilion through September 2. Founded by Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogues in 2005, the Los Angeles based collective creates installations that are situated between design, art, and architecture. Using adapted raw materials such as string or steel, and everyday objects such as tables, shirts, or clothespins, Ball-Nogues’ installations evoke a sense of wonder as they innovatively engage public spaces. See more of their work here.

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Biff! Bang! Pow!

From the moment the Universal Pictures logo appears on screen before Scott Pilgrim vs. the World begins, you know you’re in for a visual treat. I’m not going to spoil the story, but I wanted to comment on how well the graphic novel style has been incorporated into the film.

While previous movies like Sin City have done a great job borrowing static elements of graphic novel design, this is the first film I’ve seen that makes such fine use of dynamic elements. Speed and impact lines are used to convey energy in many of the battle scenes, sound effects are enhanced with fleeting text and graphic representations to give them more impact, and intangible forces are stunningly visualized as they become devastatingly tangible for the characters involved.

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Teens in the Museum: Wrap Up

As the lights go out in the MAP students’ summer homeroom for the last time, I’m once again left with that mix of emotions that comes at end of a summer when a new group of teens have left their imprint on the program and on me. It never gets old to see the transformation in how students begin the program quiet, reserved and unsure, but leave confident, bonded and lamenting the program’s end.

As with every year, the program takes on a slightly different feel. This summer, the MAP students’ objective was to welcome and encourage 100 Acres visitors to interact with the Park’s natural environments, and its installations through games and activities which they facilitated. Read the rest of this entry »

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