A Frozen River Landscape with Skaters

oil on canvas
15-3/4 x 20 in.
Credit line
Gift of Joan M. Hartman
Accession number
Not Currently On View
Deaccessioned on
June 18th, 2008
Transfer notes
Sold on 6/17/2009 in the Interiors sale (Lot 19); Offered on 2/9/2009 in the Interiors sale (Lot 46) - unsold
Auction Sale Price - $1300
Joan M. Hartman-Goldsmith [1933-1996], New York;{1} given to the Indianapolis Museum of Art in 1975 (75.112). {2}

{1} A scholar of Chinese art and jade, Joan M. Hartman-Goldsmith was first married to Alan Hartman, a dealer of Chinese art, and subsequently to Robert L. Goldsmith. See, "Joan Hartman-Goldsmith, 63, Scholar of Chinese Art and Jade," New York Times, 20 December 1996.{2}Temporary Receipt No. 0870. The painting is a copy of Aelbert Cuyp's View on the Maas with the Huis te Merwede formerly in the collection of the Earl of Yarborough. The IMA version however has been cut down on the top and right edges.
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