Ichikawa Ichizō as Hotei Ichiemon

A Yukata Set of Five Great Men (Gonin otoko soroi no yukata)
Creation date
color woodblock print
Credit line
Gift of Mrs. Kate Kiser Klein
Accession number
Not Currently On View

市川市蔵 as Hotei Ichiemon 布袋市右衛門 from Set of Five Great Men (Gonin otoko soroi no yukata) 五人男揃浴衣

These men lived in a world of their own, with rigid rules and ideas of honor and obligation. Generally called yakuza (often translated as "gamblers" but more akin to gangsters), they preferred the more poetic toseinin ("wanderers, simply passing through this life") in referring to themselves. Some provided protection for commoners against corrupt or inept officials, but others were simply predators.

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