Portrait of Lucius Carey, Second Viscount Falkland

Creation date
oil on canvas
28-1/2 x 22 in.
Credit line
Gift of Booth Tarkington
Accession number
Not Currently On View
Deaccessioned on
June 18th, 2008
Transfer notes
Sold on 2/9/2009 in the Interiors sale (Lot 43)
Secondary example 
Auction Sale Price - $3800
(Kleinberger Galleries, New York) by 1911;{1}to Ferdinand Hermann, New York,; sold in estate sale via (American Art Association, New York), 1918; {2}to "Seaman, agent."{3} Possibly Mrs. Edgar Speyer [1872-1956].{4}(Wildenstein & Co., New York); to (Robert C. Vose Galleries, Boston) in 1928; {5} purchased by Booth Tarkington [1869-1946], Indianapolis, 1933; {5} given to John Herron Art Institute, now the Indianapolis Museum of Art, in 1941 (41.49).{6}

{1}Kleinberger Galleries, New York, 150 Paintings by Old Masters of the Dutch, Flemish, German, Italian, Spanish and French Schools, 1911, no. 38.
{2}American Art Association, New York, Illustrated Catalogue of the very valuable paintings by Ancient and Modern masters, Collected by the late Ferdinand Hermann, 16 January 1918, no. 67.
{3}See, "A Rembrandt is sold for $10,750 [detailed results of the Ferdinand Hermann sale], New York Times, 16 January 1918.
{4} Correspondence with the Frick Reference Library, dated 23 December 1941, indicates that the portrait was the property of Mrs. Edgar Leonora Speyer, New York. As the notes of Mr. Tarkington's secretary, dated 1941, and correspondence between the IMA and the Frick reference library indicate, the name of Speyer has also been phonetically interpreted as E.S. Beyer and Edwin S. Bayer. A musician and Pulitzer-winning poet, Mrs. Leonora Speyer married the wealthy banker and former member of the British Privy Council Sir Edgar Speyer in 1902. The art collection of Sir Edgar Speyer [1862-1932] was the subject of an article in the Burlington magazine, see P.M. Turner, "The House and Collection of Mr. Edgar Speyer," The Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs 5, 1904, pp. 544-549, 551, 553, 555, but this painting is not mentioned. For general information on the Speyers, see "The Late Sir Edgar Speyer," New York Times, 20 March 1932.
{5}Correspondence with Vose Gallery, dated 5 November 2007 states that the painting was acquired from Wildenstein & Co. on 9 February 1928 and purchased by Booth Tarkington on 28 January 1933.
{6} Temporary Receipt No. 4161.
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