Asian Art

The Asian Gallery
The IMA showcases, through innovative displays, one of the nation's largest and most significant collections of Asian art. More than 400 works of art in the gallery provide a panorama of more than 4,000 years of Asian art from China, Japan, Korea, India, Tibet, and West and Southeast Asia. The galleries are designed to appeal to all ages, interest levels and degrees of experience with Asian art and culture. Some feature traditional chronological and geographic presentations of art, while others group works by material, subject matter and themes, such as tradition and continuity; the impact of technology on art; fakes and forgeries; and the characteristics of wares from specific kiln sites in China. The collection includes:

  • An encyclopedic collection of Chinese art, including ancient bronze ritual vessels, jades, ceramics, textiles and paintings, with special strength in paintings of the Ming and Qing dynasties.
  • A Japanese collection that features one of the finest collections of Edo-period painting in the U.S. and that also includes ceramics, lacquer ware, woodblock prints, sculpture and paintings. Contemporary ceramics by Japan's leading artists are also shown on display.
  • Selections from The Colonel Jeff W. Boucher Collection of weavings by the Baluchi people of Iran and Afghanistan—one of the world's finest such collections—are on display.