Deaccessioned Artworks

The Indianapolis Museum of Art has embarked on a systematic evaluation of its collection since 2007 to identify candidates for deaccessioning (e.g. sale, transfer, or exchange). All objects proposed for deaccessioning are subject to the criteria and procedures outlined in the IMA's Deaccession Policy. Since 2007, the furniture, antiquities, textiles, American painting, European painting and contemporary collections have been reviewed and assessed. The decorative arts, Asian art and African collections are currently under review with additional works proposed for deaccessioning to be presented for approval at the Collections Committee and Board of Governors meetings in the future.

Deaccession Policy

During this survey of the collection, unaccessioned objects that are found will also be reviewed for possible disposal and/or acquisition. These objects will be advertised in The Indianapolis Star in accordance with the State of Indiana’s legislation governing abandoned cultural property in an effort to find the original owners and/or to gain clear title. After the required waiting period, all abandoned cultural property will either be accessioned or disposed of.

Each work of art identified as a deaccession candidate will be deaccessioned according to the Deaccession Policy in a timely manner. The income generated through the auction of deaccessioned works of art will be reapplied towards the purchase of new works of art in each respective curatorial area.

These efforts will allow the Museum to exchange select objects for others believed by today's curatorial leadership to be better aligned with its mission. Please see below for a searchable list of deaccessioned artwork recently sold, transferred or exchanged, and corresponding sale results when applicable, as well as deaccessioned works awaiting sale, transfer, or exchange and their assigned valuations. We have also begun to link deaccessioned artworks to artworks newly acquired by means of the relevant funds.

Deaccessioned artwork search

Title/ArtistAccession NumberDeaccession DateRecipientsort iconTransfer Notes
occasional table80.17705/08/2012Indianapolis Museum of ArtTo be used as exhbition prop
Daphnis and Chloe81.29612/17/2009Sotheby's, New YorkSold on 4/23/2010 in the 19th Century European Art sale (Lot 0093)
Houses in the Snow (Maisons sous la neige)1985.2212/17/2009Sotheby's, New YorkSold on 5/6/2010 in the Impressionist and Modern Art Day sale (Lot 0140)
rug1986.19706/25/2009Sotheby's, New YorkSold on 10/11/2012 (Lot 226); Offered on 12/07/2010 (Lot 85)- unsold
rug1986.19806/25/2009Sotheby's, New YorkSold on 10/11/2012 (Lot 227); Offered on 12/07/2010 (Lot 87)- unsold
<img alt="Portrait of a Lady" title="Portrait of a Lady" class="imagecache" data-retina="" data-normal=""/>Portrait of a Lady76.23206/18/2008Christie'sSold on 2/9/2009 in the Interiors sale (Lot 36)
Shepherd Trimming his Flute58.5706/18/2008Christie'sSold on 1/28/2009 in the Important Old Master Paintings sale (Lot 270)
Portrait of a Young Lady63.18706/18/2008Christie'sSold on 6/17/2009 in the Interiors sale (Lot 20); Offered on 2/9/2009 in the Interiors sale (Lot 44) - unsold
Head of an Old Man38.3906/18/2008Christie'sSold on 2/9/2009 in the Interiors sale (Lot 52)
Group of Six Figures in a Landscape53.506/18/2008Christie'sSold on 2/9/2009 in the Interiors sale (Lot 41)