11th Annual Exhibition of the Art Association of Indianapolis

May 14-June 2, 1894

The Board directed the exhibit. 206 pictures, for the greater part from the World's Fair, Chicago, the Society of American Artists and the Academy, New York, including works of J. G. Brown, C.C. Curran, E.E. Simmons, De Cost Smith and J. H. Twachtman.

Several plastic sketches were shown, including the model of the statue of Gen. George Rogers Clark, by J. H. Mahoney, now erected at Monument Place.

List of Exhibitors: Wm. J. Baer, Ellen K. Baker, James H. Beard, J. Carroll Beckwith, Ed. A. Bell, The Dreamers, Dwight Benton, Albert Bierstadt, Oliver P. Black, R.A. Blakelock, Carroll Butler Brown, J. G. Brown, Chas. Francis Browne, J. E. Bundy, A. F. Bunner, L. G. Cauldwell, Wm. M. Chase, E. Richardson Cherry, C. Clark Berg, Esther L. Coffin, M. Colin, C. W. Conant, Katherine L. Corson, C. C. Curran, Leon Delachaux, Percival DeLuce, E. W. Deming, J. H. Dolph, F. V. DuMond, Chas. Warren Eaton Jared B. Flagg, W. Forsyth, J. H. Fry, Gilbert Gaul, C. A. Green, F. F. Green, C. C. Griswold, R. B. Gruelle, Birge Harrison, Roswell Hill, K. M. Huger, L. Fred Hurd, H. Bolton Jones, Alfred A. Kappes, S. M. Ketcham, Emma B. King, Ella Condie Lamb, Chas. E. Langley, Chester Loomis, Stanley Middleton, J. R. Miller, Edward L. Morse, Edw. McDowell, C. A. Needham, Burr H. Nicholls, J. C. Nicoll, Johannes A. Oertel, Walter L. Palmer, W. A. Pape, W. G. Perkins, Livingston Platt, H. G. Plumb, H. R. Poore, W. Merritt Post, J. W. Raught, John J. Redmond, F. K. M. Rehn, G. A. Reid, Harry Heister Reid, Richard Robbins, H. M. Rosenberg, Walter Satterlee, E. M. Scott. R. M. Shurtleff, E. E. Simmons, DeCost Smith, Otto Stark, T.C. Steele, Geo. Burroughs Torrey, J. H. Twachtman, D. B. Walkley, Dawson Watson, Harry Williamson, Alice N. Woods, E. M. Woolfolk, Agnes D. Abbott, L. Clarence Ball, Carroll Butler Brown, Imogene Brown, . Ada M. Comingor, A. Ellms, W. Forsyth, W. Hamilton Gibson, M. O. Haldeman, Agnes Hamilton, .John La Farge, J. R. Lowe, J. Harrison Mills, J. H. Moser, N. W. Metcalf, Rhoda Holmes Nicholls, John Owen, Frieda Voelter Redmond, Bruce Rogers, Alice K. Ross, Henry P. Smith, M. L. Stone, L. E. Sylvester, Elizabeth Spalding, Henry Van Ingen, Wm. J. Whittemore, August Will, Fanny Winch, William Champney, Anna F. Hunter, L. B. C. Josephs,

11th Annual Exhibition of the Art Association of Indianapolis Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN