12th Annual Exhibition of the Art Association of Indianapolis

May 11-May 18, 1895

The Board directed the exhibit. 319 paintings and curios. The exhibition consisted of studies by the late Samuel Richards and curios collected by him, covering one hundred and thirty-four numbers. In addition to these were shown fifty-six numbers -- oils, water-colors and pastels -- by August Franzen; forty-eight oils and water-colors by Childe Hassam, and eighty numbers by Western artists.

List of Exhibiting Artists: August Franzen, Childe Hassam, H. F. Farney, Paul Jones Charles S Kaeen, L. H. Meakin, T. S. Corle, V. Nowottney, Edward Potthast, C. T. Weber, Jerome W.Adronse, Edith Bissell, Imogene Brown;; William Forsythe, R. B. Greelle, Bessie Hendricks, Estelle Izor, A. Lowe, W. J. Perkins, Alice Ross, J. A. Seaford, Otto Stark, T. C. Steele, Mary E. Williams

Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN