13th Annual Exhibition of the Art Association of Indianapolis

May 1-May 24, 1896

The Board directed the exhibit. 211 paintings from Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, and New York.This was the first annual exhibition strongly Western.

List of Exhibiting Artists: Otto Adams, J. C. Arter, Edward Bell, Albert Bierstadt, W. Verplanck Birney, Edwin H. Blashfield, Frederick J. Boston, Charles Francis Brown, J. B. Bristol, A. F. .Bunner, Charles D. Colby, W. B. Conely, Percival de Luce, Herbert Denman, Louis P. Dessar, M. R. Dixon, J. . Dolph, Charles Warren Eaton, M. C. (Mrs.) Merritt Fay, William Forsythe, Benjamin Foster, Frank Fowler, Mary B. Odenheimer-Fowler, R. Swain Gifford, Phillip Hale, E. S. Hamilton, Frederick Hansen, Caroline Coventry Haynes, Bessie Hendricks, Robert Hopkins, L. Frederick Hurd, Elise Ives, Percy Ives, Estelle Peel Izo, Frederick James, Francis C. Jones, H. Bolton Jones, Susan M. Ketcham, Emma B. King, Chester Loomis, Joseph Lyman, Eugenia H. MacFarlane, Hardesty G. Marattee, J. N. Marble, N. . Metcalfe, Harry Wallace Methven, Stanley Middleton, J. R. Miller, J. Harrison Mills, C. Austin Needham, Burr H. Nicholls, Rhoda Holmes Nicholls, Arthur Parton , Francis P. Paulus, Harry S. Potter, T. C. Peyraud, George M. Reevs, Richard S. Robbins, H. Leon Roecker. Jules Rolshoren, A. J. Rupert, Willaim Sartain, Walter Satterlee, Frank E. Scott, R V. Sewell, Otto Stark, T C. Steele, James G. Tyler, H. A. Vincent, Irving R. Wiles, L. M. Wiles, Harry Williamson, H. V. Woodhouse, C. Harry Allis, L. Clarence Ball, Imogene Brown, J. G. Brown, H. S. Bullock, Ada Comingore, M. E. B. Cultertson, Percival de Luca, Charles Melville Dewey, J. M. Dennis, George C. Funk, R. B. Gruelle, M. O. Haldeman, Agnes Hamilton, E. S. Hamilton, Frederick Hansen, Ellen Ingraham, Emma King, Larriet Leonard, H. H. McGinnis, Alice Mitchell, Rhoda Holmes Nichols, Alexander C. Robinson, Helen E. Roby, Charles Thomas Walker, Sadie Weisenberger, William J. Whittemore, Fanny M. Winch, J. H. WittC.. L. Schreiber, Heinrich, F. H. Noyes, Richard Bok.

"Pictures Owned by the Association": Gustave Wertheimer, Arthur Parton, Walter Shirlaw, Harry Chase, Virginia Granberry, Walter McEwan, Robert Reid, William Chase, Chester Loomis, Margaret McD. Pullman, Harry R. Poore, Edward Bell

Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN