15th Annual Exhibition of the Society of Western Artists

December 3-December 25, 1910

231 works including oils, etching, watercolor, wood block, charcoal, and dry point. Some artists exhibiting: J.O. Adams, W. Adams, G.C. Aid, A.E. Albright, M. Anderson, I.R. Bacon, M. Baker, E.H. Barnes, G. Baumann, E. Benedict, E.J. Bissell, C.P. Bock, W.C. Both, B.C. Brown, M. Butler, F.G. Carpenter, W. Clusmann, W.M. Clute, E.R. Colburn, J.E. Colburn, J.W. Cotton, C.W. Dahlgreen, M.L. Dunlap, E.G. Eisenlohr, A.C. Fauley, A. Finkelnburg, W. Forsyth, G.F. Goetsch, W.D. Goldbeck, A.H. Gorson, L.O. Griffith Registration gives beginning date as: 12/04/1910

Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN