23rd Annual Exhibit of the Art Association of Indianapolis

December 8, 1907-January 2, 1908

193 numbers by over 100 artists. Works included paintings, etchings, sculpture, and pyrography. Also exhibited were miniatures loaned by members of the Art Association. G.C. Aid, W.M. Allison, T.P. Anshutz, H.W. Ballard, M. Barthold, F.W. Benson, M.G. Blumenschein, H.H. Breckenridge, N.R. Brewer, G.E. Browne, K.H. Buehr, W.M. Chase, C.C. Conner, W.E. Cook, C.C. Cooper, P. Cornoyer, E.I. Couse, J. DeCamp, F. Duveneck, C.W. Eaton, W. Forsyth, H. Gervex, A.D. Gihon, R.B. Gruelle, A. Harrison, C.W. Hawthorne, H.L. Hildebrandt, T. Hovenden, H.S. Hubbell, G. Innis, E. Izor, E. King

Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN