25th Annual Exhibition of the Art Association of Indianapolis and being the Fifth Annual Exhibition of Works by American Artists

December 25, 1909-January 31, 1910

64 numbers by 49 artists. Some artists included: A.E. Albright, J.W. Alexander, T.P. Anschutz, M.S. Baker, A.W. Ball, M. Barlow, L. Betts, M.G. Blumenschein, M. Bohm, H.H. Breckenridge, M.J. Chapman, C.C. Cooper, K. Cox, C.M. Dewey, S.B. Dodson, C.W. Eaton, F. Este, A.H. French, L.C. Hills, J. Hopkins, H.S. Hubbell, H.C. Hyde, J.C. Johansen, W.S. Kendall, S.M. Ketcham, P. King, G.H. Leonard, O.L. Linde, R.L. MacCameron, A.L. Matthews, A.L. Meyvis, C.L. Muller, A. O'Kelly

Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN