26th Annual Exhibition of the Art Association of Indianapolis being the 6th Annual Exhibition of Works by American Artists.

December 3, 1910-January 1, 1911

The exhibition consists of 30 paintings by 24 artists including George W. Bellows, Frank W. Benson, William M. Chase, Alson S. Clark, Eleanor R. Colburn, Charles W. Eaton, Lydia F. Emmett, Lillian M. Genth, W.W. Gilchrist, Albert L. Groll, Charles W. Hawthorne, Walter Nettleton, Leonard Ochtman, William M. Paxton, Edward W. Redfield, Willaim Ritschel, William S. Robinson, Chauncey F. Ryder, Albert H. Schmidt, W. Elmer Schofield, Henry O. Tanner, Fred Wagner, Frederick Waugh, J. Alden Weir Catalog gives beginning date as: 12/04/1910

Indianapolis Museum of Art 4000 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, IN